chapter 10

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i was waiting on the roof of the address i put in the group chat with the heroes and none have shown up yet. i feel a breeze of air an i turn around and see multiple heroes. heroes like endeavor, ass might, green tornado, eraserhead, midnight, present mic, hawks, and ingenium. "so are we just going to chase you around and try to capture you" present mic asks.

"that's the plan and while i'm at it, i'm gonna take out some villains too" i walk to the edge of the building "now let the case begin" i finish as i start my freefall off of the ten story building. they all rush to the edge of the building to see if i'm alright but i'm already blasting away.

they start chasing after me but the only ones able to keep up are ass might, green tornado, eraserhead, hawks, and ingenium. i try to make the purple mist but nothing happens. i realise the aizawa was using his quirk on me. i start to plumet towards the rooftops. when i hit the roof i roll to make sure i don't get hurt and continue running.

i hear a scream nearby and i rush in the direction with the heroes still chasing after me. i jump into an alleyway just as a ball of fire went past my head. i roundhouse kick a guy in the face knocking him out i create a blast and rocket off and let the heroes deal with the guy and the person he was attacking. again aizawa was using his quirk on me making it impossible for me to blast off, but i still had the speed, and strength boost that my quirk gave me.

i grabbed my scythe i cut aizawa's capture scarf that he had tried to catch me with. i then felt a sense of dread came over me. i stop running for a moment before sprinting in the direction an explosion happened. fire was everywhere. i jump in and drop kick a guy with a sword quirk and take the sword he was using. "i'll take this" i say.

i notice the guys was knocked out. oh well. the heroes that were chasing me then arrive on the scene. all might rushed up to punch one of the villains but suddenly stopped mid air. everyone was confused until i noticed the glint of strings suspending him in the air. the other heroes went to try and help him but were all caught by the string. i got down into a running position and created an explosion blasting me forward.

 i got down into a running position and created an explosion blasting me forward

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flames on his feet are purple

i swung my scythe around and cut all of the strings freeing the heroes. "you guys take care of the other villains, i'll take care of this guy" i say. they all reluctantly agree. "i'm surprised you were able to cut my strings" the villains says. "hey look a villain, once i take him down and bring in phantom i'll get a missive paycheck" some random hero says as he runs towards the villain quirk at the ready.

the villain raises his hand and shoots out a web that cuts up the hero into multiple pieces. the villain walks towards me then i get a better look at him. he had purple spikes jutting out of his shoulders and back. he had orange fangs like a spider and had four eyes. "so you must be phantom" he says looking pleased at the amount of destruction. "that's me, now why don't you just turn yourself in" i ask. "i don't think i will" he gets into a fighting stance. "well it was worth a shot" i say getting into a fighting stance scythe in hand.

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