chapter 3

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ok so izuku will always have the magnamalo tail. also i changed it so chapter 2 takes place 11 years later instead of 6 years later, so izuku is 15. now onto the story


before i left i gathered my things, which wasn't a lot. and left a note. i also took some money to get me by for a week or two. i walk out the front door "good bye forever" i say before walking off. i started looking for an apartment to stay in. and also buy some new clothes because it was uncomfortable wearing these pants with my new tail.

eventually i found an apartment that was affordable and paid rent for the month. it was a simple apartment with one bedroom, one bathroom, and small living room and and kitchen. i went to the nearest store and bought some clothes that were meant for people with tails.

after that i went out for a walk. along the way i saw a lady wing long blond hair and looked to be about in her 20s struggling to carry some boxes. "need some help" i ask. "yes, could you help me carry these" she asks. i nod my head and take a few from her and follow her to where she was going. turns out, she owns a cafe. 

"by the way, what's your name" she asks. "uuhhh 'crap never thought about that' akino midoriya" i say unsure of myself. "what's yours". i notice a sign in the window that says help needed. "my name's alice, nice to meet you". she held out her hand for me to shake.

i shook her hand "nice to meet you too, umm i noticed the sign in the window. could i work here maybe" i ask. she was a little surprised then she hugged me "thank you, you can work here if you want" she says. "how young do you hire or would hire" i ask.

she was a little confused "why do you ask". "because i'm 15". "oh" was all she said.

"don't you have school" she asks. "i do online schooling". "ok, you can work here but you have to finish the school year" she says. i nod my head then she flashes a smile that could rival the sun in brightness. 'maybe i should get some sun glasses' i thought. "so do you have a place to stay" she asks. "yes".

"ok, if you ever need a place to stay you can stay in the guest room upstairs" she says. i looked in her eyes and only saw kindness. something i haven't seen in years. 'does she just trust everyone she meets' i think. "well thanks for the help akino. but you can go home and start tomorrow at 7am, got it" i nod my head "ok alice, thank you" i say before leaving.

along the way back home i started thinking to myself 'now that i have a quirk should i still be a hero. no. the title hero lost its meaning. most heroes are in it for either fame or money. now i'm sounding like the hero killer." i chuckle to myself a little bit getting a few weird stares. 'he's been a vigilante for how long now' i think to myself. 'wait, that's it. i'll be a vigilante'. i went into a store and bought a large trench coat with a hood to hide my tail and hair and a mask that covered my lower face.

 i went into a store and bought a large trench coat with a hood to hide my tail and hair and a mask that covered my lower face

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i knew basic self defence but i would have to learn more fighting styles if i'm going to do this.  i especially need to find a fighting style that works with my tail.


i got up at 6:30 and got ready. i walked down to the cafe and opened the door and the little bell rung. "sorry we're not open yet" i heard alice say from the back "but you told me to come here" i say. she runs out of the back room "sorry. sorry, i forgot about you. i'm used to only working by myself" she apologized. 

"so do you know how to bake" she asked. "no, i only know how to make meals and coffee". "ok, is it ok if you work at the cash register today". "sure". i walk behind the counter and went on my phone to waste some time before the cafe opens while alice goes into the back to prepare some food.

i heard the bell to the store ring and i looked up from my phone to see someone i would hope i wouldn't see for a while. the erasure hero eraserhead aka shota aizawa my uncle. "hello sir, what would you like" i ask. "oh you finally got someone to help you" he says to alice. "i'll have a black coffee".

i walk into the back and make two pure black soulless coffees. one for me and one for him. i gave him his coffee and he gave me the money for it. i also pay for mine. "i don't get how you can drink coffee like that" alice says. "it's good that way" aizawa and i say in unison. "i like him, keep him" aizawa says with no hesitation. i look at alice doing a 'what the fuck' face before she walks into the kitchen. "what's your name kid" he asks.

"akino midoriya" i say. "don't you have school" he asks. "i do online". he takes a sip of his coffee before sitting down. "what's your quirk" he asks. "i call it sinister, i've got this tail and some spikes on my back and forearms. it also gives me night vision, enhanced senses, enhanced speed and strength, and enhanced agility" i explain keeping out the part about the fire.

"can you show me" he asks. i pull up my sleeve and show him the bone like blade lined up against my arm. i flex my arm muscle and the blade pops up making a shing noise. i stop flexing my arm and the blade goes back down and unroll the sleeve. "that's an interesting quirk you got there" he says "do you plan on becoming a hero, the UA entrance exam is in 10 months".

"no, there are to many heroes only doing there job for the money and fame, and i don't want to be in the same group as them. i'll probably go for support or something" i answer. he looked at me surprised. "well you're not wrong" he say while taking a sip of coffee. "hey akino can you come help me for a second" alice yells from the back. "well see you later eraserhead, i got to go" i hear him choke on his coffee from surprise as i walk off.



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