Chapter 26

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I ran through the smoke screen and tackled a few people before launching out of the way of some balls that were aimed at my targets. A strength quirk user was about to hit me until a blue beam hit him trapping him in a large amount of ice. Then something jumped out of the smoke screen and landed beside me hitting the ground. When the thing landed it slammed its arms into the ground creating a shockwave destroying the ground in front of it and knocking back a lot of people.

 When the thing landed it slammed its arms into the ground creating a shockwave destroying the ground in front of it and knocking back a lot of people

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NOT MY ART (and no ice sword. . . Yet)

"You ready" Imari asked. "Yup". Just then I heard something behind us. I turned around to see the bakugous, Izumi, kirishima, and kaminari. "You guys need some help" kaminari asked waving. I nodded my head before turning back around. I roared as a purple aura surrounded me. Ikari's skin turned red as an icy blue mist came out of his mouth and an ice sword formed on one hand while an ice club formed on the other. 

I ran forward as Ikari jumped about 15 feet in the air while Izuku and co followed us. I trampled anyone in my path and Ikari hit the ground when he landed making a shock wave the launched the people up into the air. The bakugou's and izumi through the people in the air into our next attacks to weaken them even more while kaminari and kirishima took out and remaining people.


The 100 people have passed and luckily all of 1-A made it, which is somewhat surprising. We were waiting on front of the fake city when all of a sudden multiple explosions went off making the fake buildings collapse. "A group of villains have attacked the city. Your goal is to save any civilians. But don't worry the civilians are actors but treat it like the real thing. All of you will start off with 100 points, your points will be lowered for every mistake you make. When your points go below 50 you won't pass. Now, go" a guy said over the intercom.

Before anyone could react I launched myself forward into the city. I heard crying and looked over to see a kid crying as he was trying to move some rubble. I run up to him. "Hey it's going to be ok" I say in a calming voice. "H-help my m-mom and dad are under there" he said still crying. I look around and see Ikari. "IKARI, OVER HERE. I NEED SOME HELP" I yell. He then quite literally jumps over to me. I need you to lift this up. There are people under there". He nods his head. "You might want to stand back kid". The kid backs up as Ikari lifts up the giant slab of concrete. He opened his mouth and an ice beam comes out freezing the concrete slab in place.

I look under the concrete and make a small flame at the end of my tail to light up the place. I see two people huddled in the corner bleeding. I crawl up to them "hey we're here to help" I say but don't get a response. I check there pulse and it was shallow. I carefully pull them out of the rubble. "Ikari, they're both unconscious but ok. Let's get them to a tent". "Ok let's go kid" he says picking up the kid as I Cary the parents.

I e drop them off at a tent before looking for more people but we were stopped by and explosion. I look over and see gang orca and a bunch of his side kicks dressed up as villains. "Villains have appeared subdue them and get the civilians to safety" someone said on the intercom. I see the Yo Shindo guy make a mini earthquake knocking the villains over. Before I knew it Ikari jumped over towards the villains and turned into his monster form. "My turn" I rocket over there and turn into my monster form midair then crash landed into a bunch of villains.

Ikari and I took out some villains the all of a sudden I couldn't move. I look down and see my front leg stuck in some concrete stuff. I look over and see Ikari was stuck too. The villain start shooting more and more of the stuff at us. Soon I couldn't move at all. I felt something hit me then my whole body went limp. From the best that I could see gang orca had hit me with a stray sonic blast when he was fighting shoto and inasa. I couldn't do anything. I was useless. Just like I always was. A useless DEKU



"I said shut up. You're not a useless deku anymore so don't act like one. You have a quirk now, and it's one that can kick ass. So shut up and go beyond. Plus ultra"

"Thanks oni"

I slowly begin to feel my body again and I look to see that Ikari still can't move. Pink flames begin to flicker around me getting the attention of the villains. "This one can still move. GET HIM" one yells. And soon after I'm hit by a massive amount of the cement stuff completely covering me. I take a deep breath in and let out a roar while creating a massive amount of pink flames destroying the cement surrounding me. But I noticed a few flames that were a hit red color. 'That's new'.

I turn around and face the fake villains, most of them backing away in fear. "Time's up. Everyone please make your way to the exit. You will receive your hero license on the way out of you passed" the guy says over the intercom. I let out a massive sigh before turning back to normal. I walk up to Ikari and make and explosion freeing him. 'We'll. I hope I passed'


I put my new hero license in my pocket. I had passed the exam. Everyone in our class did except for thotsuki and shohoe. As I walked up to the dorms I saw Mina standing in front of them. It looked like she was looking for someone. "Hey Mina, who are you looking for" I ask surprising her. She probably didn't notice me. "I-Izuku can I talk to you" she asked. Her face was a little more purple then pink for some reason. "uuuhhh sure". I follow her to behind the dorms and I noticed her face becoming more and more purple. We stop behind the dorms "so what did you want to talk about" I ask.

"ireallylikeyouwillyoupleasegoonadatewithme" she says extremely fast and sounding nervous. I understood what she said though. A blush formed of my face. "Look I understand if you don't like me by-" I cut her off by kissing her on the lips. When I stopped she looked shocked and it took a little bit for what I did to set in until she blushed a lot. "I like you Mina and yes I will go out with you" I say surprising her. She looks at me for a second untill we kiss again but it was cut short by a camera flash.


I was doing paperwork in my office located in the dorms but I then heard "KIRISHIMA, KAMINARI YOU ARE SO DEAD" followed by a scream from kaminari and kirishima that was suddenly cut short. What did they do this time.



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