Chapter 22

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My eyes shot open and I instantly closed them from a blinding light. I slowly let my eyes adjust and then I realized I was in a hospital. I looked around and saw there was a doctor. "How badly injured am I" I ask surprising the doctor. "All of the poison dissipated and all of you injuries are gone thanks to recovery girl" he explained before leaving the room. I then heard a crash and then a few members of class A burst into my room. "We need your help" kirishima asked. "What for". "We're gonna go save bakubro" he said. I looked at the rest of the group. It was kirishima, katsumi, shoto, shoka, and izumi. "Just give me some time to think about it" I said before having them leave.


I walked out of the hospital and saw the people that wanted to save thotsuki plus iida and momo. "So what's the plan" I ask. "We're gonna save bakubro while the pros take care of the villains just we can't use our quirks to fight anyone" kirishima explained. "So they don't have much of a plan" oni said. "Looks like it". "Ok, I've got a better idea. You all sneak over there however you can and stay hidden until I get katsuki out of there and to you guys" I explain. "And you won't be using your quirk to fight the villain, right" iida asked. "Can't promise you anything"

Momo gave me a tracker to where the Nomu was that attacked the camp. I blasted off in that direction. It took me about half an hour and it was almost 3 o'clock but it looked like it was daytime thanks to my night vision. I crouched down on a building across the street from where the tracker led me. The whole place was surrounded by heroes. About twenty minutes later kirishima and co arrived and looked into the building and something scared them.

Soon mount lady crushed about half of the place as heroes rushed in. They captured multiple nomus, and as I was about to walk away I heard clapping. Someone with a massive amount of killer intent slowly started walking out of the building. "I must congratulate you heroes" "stop right there" beat Jean it's said as he tied up the villain with some fibers. The villain broke the threads and launched a shock wave at the heroes but best jeanist threw them out of the way and took the hit.

As I snuck over to best jeanist balls of slime appeared in the air and the league of villains plus katsuki came out of them. "Kid you need to get out of here" best jeanist said weakly. "I can handle myself, now we need to get you out of here" I say picking him up. I could tell he had some broken bones and probably a punctured rib, so only internal bleeding. I then see all might launch into the villain and try to punch him but the villain caught the punch in his own hands. "It took you 30 seconds to get from the bar to here, you've gotten weaker all might". "You don't look to well with that fancy new life support. You're going down, all for one" all might said. "do you know why you going to lose all might, because I am here" the villain said stealing his line.

"How bad are my injuries" best jeanist asks. "We'll you've got some broken bones and probably a punctured lung along with some internal bleeding, but that's fine because that's where all the bloods supposed to be". He stifles out a laugh as I set him down out of the way. I turn around and see all might is struggling to fight all for one. I make an explosion behind me a launch myself over to katsuki. I grab his arm and make an explosion to rocket him into the air and shoto and shoka make a giant ice ramp. Iida, kirishima, katsumi, and shoka shoot up the ramp and catch katsuki. Izumi was using her telekinesis to make them go farther. "Go tomura I do not wish for you to caught" all for one said as he used one of his quirks to activate kirugiris quick and created a portal. The league of villains soon went into it.

All might was starting to steam. All for one raised his hand and chafed up air cannon. "What's that going to do, I can just dodge" all might stated. "But she won't" all for one said. I look and see someone trapped in the rubble behind all might. All for one fired air cannon and all might took the hit. When the dust went away all might was in his small might form with just his right arm powered up by one for all. "Such a weak a pathetic form all might, and I guessing that's all you have left of one for all" the all for one said gesturing to his arm. "Strength enhancer times four, speed enhancer times three, spear like limbs, air cannon, and rivit stab. I personally picked out these quicks to end you" all for one said as his arm grew so big it destroyed the sleeve of his suit. 

All for one ran at all might and their fists clashed making some sparks. All might started getting pushed back, he then transferred one fire all from his right arm to his left arm. He then side stepped the giant arm and punched all for one in the face "united states of SMASH" he yelled. When he slammed all for one into the ground he created a giant tornado for a second. When the dust died down all might stood victorious over all for one. I could hear cheering from everywhere but it soon died down because of a malicious laugh.

All for one's body turned into a grey slime and fell apart. Then from behind me something shot a blast of air into small might needing him into a wall. I whipped around to see who what did that but a hand grabbed me by the face. "Now all might, before I kill you how about I kill your son" all for one said. "I-Izuku" small might said weakly. "And he's right here in my hand and I'm going to make him suffer". "But that's young midoriya" small might said. "No, he's Izuku yagi, isn't that true" he asked me the last part.  "Fuck . . . You" I say trying to make all for one let go of me.



I looked over at shoto and he was just as shocked as I was. "That's your brother Izumi" momo asked. "Yeah, but how did he get a quirk" I question. "Izumi we better get going" shoto said grabbing my shoulder. I slapped his hand off "no I need to help my brother" I said sounding desperate. I got out from behind the wall. "BROTHER" I yelled. He heard me but he didn't seam happy. "Is something wrong" all for one asked him. "You BASTERED" he burst into purple flames and round house kicked all for one in the face.

All for one recovered from the his quickly and charged up air cannon. Izuku made a massive explosion and launched himself at all for one. All for one then fired air cannon at Izuku at point black range launching him into a building causing it to collapse on him. "NOOO" I try to run over to the remains of the building but shoto and momo stop me. "Now it's time for you to die all might" all for one said charging up another air cannon. But before he could fire the sound of heavy footsteps echoed through out the area. "What's doing that" momo whispered. "I don't know" I said. Then something roared and growled as it walked out of the ruins of the building covered in darkness so no one could see it.

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