chapter 15

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well, i was arrested for vigilanteism and illegal quirk use on many occasions. i am sitting in an interrogation room with regular handcuff on so i didn't accidentally blow up the place. a few minutes later a cop comes in to give me my phone call. i grab it and dial alices number. it rings a few times before she picks up.


"hey alice, it's me akino. i was wondering if you could bring eri to the mustafu police station"

"why are you at the mustafu police station?"

"because i'm the vigilante phantom and i got arrested"

she instantly hangs up the phone. the officer takes the phone and not long after detective Naomasa walks in with a lot of papers, a cup of coffee, and a not so happy look on his face. "hey Naomasa, how are you doing" i ask. he just heavily sighs. "let's just get this over with". he sits on the chair on the other side of the table across from me.

"your name is akino midoriya, correct"


"your also the vigilante phantom, right"


"what is your quirk"

"just mix the quirk files on phantom and me and i'll fill in the blanks". he hands me the files and i get to work while he keeps asking me questions.

"why did you become a vigilante".

i stop writing and look up and close the files. "there are many factors but one of the main ones is because of one of the people standing behind that glass" i say in a serious tone. "but no one's there" he says. "someone is there specifically two someones, ass might and nezu. remember i have enhanced hearing so i could hear there entire conversation".

a few moments later ass might and nezu walk into the room. "how did you know we were there, shouldn't he have on quirk canceling cuffs" small might said. "even if i did, it would only cancel out my ability to create fire and explosions everything else would still be there. right now i'm staying here by choice"i explain making him shudder.

"back to the questions, what did all might or nezu do that made you become a vigilante" Naomasa asks. "well after the sludge villain incident where i save katsuki bakugou and izumi yagi. i heard a conversation. one about how izumi's dad was all might and how he wanted to give her his quirk" toshinori's face paled as he knew what i was talking about. "izumi asked why not give the quirk to izuku, the kid that went missing two or three weeks before hand. and all might said he didn't have what it takes. i was eventually was going to be in the hero course but when i heard that, i wanted nothing to do with them. another reason why is because i had a bad home life" i explain.

nezu looked pissed and so did Naomasa while small might looked terrified. "ok, just one more question". "what". "did you really break all mights nose with a frying pan". i grin "yah". Naomasa and toshinori soon left leaving me and nezu alone. "what are my charges" i ask. "well your options are either prison or go into the hero course" he says making me groan. "but you will still be able to make things in the support course". "i'll go with option two" i say. i then hear the screeching of car tires and someone kick open the door to the station. 'alice, why' i think to myself.

TIMESKIP 1 WEEK IZUMI POV (it's only one week because aizawa wasn't hurt as much as he was in cannon)

it's been one week since the USJ and that we found out that akino was the vigilante phantom. then aizawa walks in the room with bandages everywhere except his face. "aizawa sensei, shouldn't you be resting" iida says while doing hand chops. "my well being is none of your concern, now. i would like to announce that we have a new student" he says. the class starts talking about who it could be and if it was a boy or a girl. "if it's a girl i hope they're hot" kaminari said.


i kick open the door after hearing what kaminari said. "well sorry to be the bearer of bad new kaminari but i'm not a girl" i say surprising all of them. i stand in front of everyone. "hi i'm Akino Midoriya. my quirk is called sinister and i'm the ex-vigilante phantom and i was forced to be here and i don't want to be here. i hope i get to know you all very well" i say the last part sarcastically before sitting down in an empty seat in the back. aizawa starts talking about the sports festival and how it's in three weeks but i wasn't paying attention because i was texting mic on the group chat.


loud bird:  how is hawks a cannibal?

because he's a bird and he eats chicken :phantom

loud bird: but hawks and eagles eat chickens 

loud bird: and hawks is a hawk

as far as i know there no hawks (the bird) that have wings that are red :phantom

loud bird: but what about a red hawk

red hawks are the color orange and brown. but there are chickens that are red, orange, and brown :phantom

lound bird: that's a good point, but do you have any proof of him being a cannibal

yes i do :phantom

(just letting you know i did not make this art)

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(just letting you know i did not make this art)

loud bird: ok you win

"akino please stop text mic in class" aizawa says. i quickly put my phone away and pretend like nothing happened. 


i was walking out of the UA gate when a car pulled up in front of me. the window rolled down to reveal aizawa. "your coming with me problem child, nezu had us move your stuff to my house because you were living alone with your sister and so we could make sure you didn't do any vigilante stuff" he says. "but what about eri" i ask. then the back window of the car rolls down so i can see eri and hitoshi both chilling. i sigh and get in.


after a 30 minute drive we made it to aiawa's house and it just looks like your normal everyday house with two floors. i walk inside and get greated my present mic or hizashi. "hitoshi can you show these two there room" aizawa asks. he nods his head and tells us to follow him. we walk up the stairs to the second floor and hitoshi opens a door and insides a big room with one half having my stuff and the other half with eris stuff. eri ran into the room and started looking at her side of the room. 'i'm gonna like it here, but i will have to eventually tell them' i think to myself.



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