chapter 19

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IZUKU POV (continuing where we left off last chapter)

"what do you mean your my quirk" i ask. "i don't really know how to explain it, i'm you quirk". "how can i trust you, what if  someone used there quirk on me to trick me" i question. i know it sounded dumb but it was worth a shot. "did you feel like you got hit by a quirk today". "no". "then no" i started thinking. "if your my quirk how come you awakened or unlocked a year ago".

"because in order for you to get your quirk you had to feel extreme hatred and want revenge, but when you fought the ones you hated you showed no hatred at all which most people wouldn't do" "that makes sense" "now wake up, it's morning" i was confused until i shot up out of bed. 'what the fuck' i thought as i was getting dressed. the rest of the morning i was thinking about the dream that i had.


i was sitting in class looking out the window as aizawa was explaining internship stuff but me and hitoshi didn't need to fill out forms because we are going with aizawa. iida passed out some papers to everyone but i didn't fill it out, i just kept thinking about the dream. until someone snapped me out of my thoughts. "midoriya, shinoso why aren't you guys picking your interns" izumi asked. "because we're going with aizawa" hitoshi said surprising most of the class.

a few minutes later everyone turned in the sheets for there internships. "ok now all of you will be choosing your hero names" aizawa said making some of the class get excited. then midnight burst through the door. she was here to judge our hero names while aizawa took a nap. aoyama was the first up and he chose "i can not stop twinkling" he said. midnight started to change his name a little. "change the can not to can't and get rid of the i and it's perfect"

there were a few names that she denied like alien queen and katsukis's king explosion murder. and i saw katsumi's board and she was going to do queen explosion murder but when katsuki couldn't do it she erased her board. izumi went with "gal might". and katsumi chose "ground zero" while katsuki went with "lord dynamite". hitsoshi went with "mocking bird". shola went with "hell frost" and shoto and iida just went with there names. eventually it was my turn.

i walked up to the front of class and showed them my board. it said "the sinister hero, phantom". "not bad, i approve" midnight said giving me a thumbs up. after that aizawa led the class to a train station and everyone went to there internships. (i know this part happens a day or two later but just go with it). 

something about iida seemed off. i walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder "hey iida, we may not know each other that well but if somethings wrong you can talk to me". "i assure you i am fine" i says but it was not reassuring. "hey aizawa, where's iida going for his internship" i ask. "he's going to manuals agency in hosu, why" "i have a feeling he's going after stain" i say surprising him. "we'll have to keep an eye on him then".


when we made it to the house aizawa brought us into the basement i didn't we had. and it was a training room as well. "hitoshi i want you to learn to use a weapon other than the capture scarf because there's a chance that it could get destroyed or taken. both have happened to me a lot" aizawa explains. "who took your capture scarf" hitoshi asked. "that was me". hitoshi looks at me surprised. "oh and i need to grab something". i quickly ran up to my room and grabbed my vigilante weapons and two capture scarfs that i took from aizawa.

i walked back down to the basement anf eri was also there now. i tossed the capture scarfs to aizawa. he sighed "hitoshi find a weapon to use and izuku help him with it" he said before leaving. while itoshi was thinking eri was swinging around a wooden sword like crazy. "i guess i'll go with a katana" hitoshi said. i tossed him a katana while i grabbed a wooden one. eri stopped messing around and started watching us.

i showed hitoshi the basics of the sword and told him to practice it. "once you know the basics of using a katana you can learn an actual fighting style with it and add your own touch to it like i did" i explain as hisoshi was trying to cut a log. i noticed eri was copying hitoshi.


over the past couple of days hitoshi had gotten better at using a katana, but not quite as good as me. eri also practiced in secret but everyone knew because we would watcher her go into the backyard before bedtime and whack a tree with the sword. "alright you two, we're going to hosu tonight" aizawa said. "can eri come" i ask. "no" he says.

i grab my vigilante stuff and meet hitoshi and aizawa outside. we took a train there and i noticed izumi and grandpa torino were on the train too. "there's something coming". i didn't pay attention to where the voice came from i just braced myself. then a nomu fighting a hero crashed through the wall of the train. grand torino kicked it out and then i could see hosu was in flames. grandtorino and aizawa jumped out of the train and me, hitoshi, and aizawa follow them.

'i wonder who warned me' i thought. "that would be me". i look around and see knowone. hitoshi and izumi look like i've gone mad. "are you ok" izumi asks. "yeah i'm fine". "it was me, your quirk". 'ohhhhhh, that makes sense'. we end up running on to a street covered in flames and see three nomu. i see endeavor incinerate one crawling after some people. i jump onto a buff one and incinerate it's head. 'by the way do you have a name' i ask my quirk in my head as we keep looking for iida. "no, but you can come up with one".

i hear a scream and i run in that direction as izumi and hitoshi do there best to keep up with me. i jump into an alleyway and roundhouse kick the closest person to me. turns out that person was stain. hitoshi and izumi moved native and iida out of the way. i drew my sword. "you actually landed a hit on me, not bad. but how about you leave or i'll have to kill you too" he says.

"sorry but i'm going anywhere" i say as izumi and hitoshi try to run away with iida and native. stain throws some knives at them but i block them but then something hits my back and i hear something break. i look back and see stain holding a broken sword. he must have hit the spikes on my back. he pules out another sword and runs at me with impressive speeds, but not as fast as me. 

i make a condescend explosion under my feet like i did at the sports festival and rocket past him and jump off of the wall and hit him in the neck with the back of my sword knocking him out. i sheathe my sword and pick up stain before walking out of the alleyway. when i walk out of the alleyway i see a bunch of heroes with iida, hitoshi, and izumi. "hey guys" i say. everyone looks at me surprised. "is that stain" endeavor asks. "yup and we might want to tie him up" i say giving him to a cop.

i feel something grab me and pull me into the air. it was a flying nomu. before it could fly away with me i do a "phantom fire fist: dark fire" at point black range to it's face killing it. new problem, i am now plummeting towards the ground with a dead nomu attached to me. i blast it off of me and make an eplosion to make sure i don't hit the ground. i land somewhat gracefully only stumbling a little bit. "we'll bring you to a hospital to make sure your ok" a hero says. i reluctantly follow them and so does hitoshi, izumi, and iida. i knew i would probably be charged with vigilantism, but did i care. no. because i've done stuff like that a lot. they can't do anything to hurt me.

(at hospital)

"no going out to do patrol for a week" aizawa says. "WHAT, you can't do that". "yes i can do that, i'm you legal guardian and the police are making me punish you". "well you can always sneak out" my quirk suggests. "and if your thinking about sneaking out, everytime you do that, it adds another week to your punishment" aizawa adds. fuck.



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