chapter 17

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i just want to put this out there before i start the chapter. i forgot to mention that ever since izuku ran away shoto said he would never use his fire side again and shoka said she would never use her ice side.

now onto the story


everyone was sitting in the locker room waiting of present mic to call us out. i was minding my own business when shoto walked up to me. "midoriya, i think your the strongest in the class and i'm going to beat you with just my right side. consider this a declaration of war". "no need to get serious guys, just chill out" kirishima said. "no, if he wants war he's going to get it. he just better give it his all" i say.

we then get the signal to walk out onto the field. "and presenting the class who survived a villain attack, IT'S CLASS 1-A" present mic yelled as the crowd erupted into cheers. "AND PRESENTING THE OTHER HERO COURSE, IT'S CLASS 1-B" the crowd started cheering again. "AND HERE ARE CLASSES C, D, AND E". more kids walked into the stadium. "HERE ARE CLASSES F, G, AND H" "AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST CLASSES I, J, K".

once all the student were in the arena we could begin. "AND THIS YEARS UA SPORTS FESTIVAL REFEREE IS THE PRO HERO MIDNIGHT". midnight walked up onto the platform in her hero costume. some of the boys got nosebleeds or blushes and looked away while i just sat there with a monotone look on my face not caring at all. "someone should tell ms.midnight what she's wearing" "that costume should come with a warrning" i heard kirishima and tokoyami say.

"THE PERSON GIVING THE FIRST YEAR REPRESENATIVE SPEECH IS AKINO MIDORIYA" midnight announces. i sigh before walking up on the stage. "uuuuhhhhh, do you best out there everybody and give it you're all. now go beyond PLUS" "ULTRA" everyone yells back. i walk off the stage and sigh again. i look up at aizawa and see him giving me his signature shit eating grin.

then midnight cracks her whip as a hologram of a wheel showed up on the stage started spinning. "what will the first event be" midnight yells. the wheel stops on obstacle course "IT'S AN OBSTACLE COURSE. here are the rules, you are going to run a five kilometers while avoiding obstacles, you cannot attack other students but you can make more obstacles" she explains.

we walk up to the gate and everyone gets ready to run. i look over at the announcers booth and see eri waving at me so i waved back. then the light turned green and everyone started pushing and shoving each other to get through. 'so this is the fit obstacle' i thought waiting in the back. then everyones feet were trapped in ice. i pulled my feet out of the ice and stomped on the ground breaking all of the ice. i jumped over everyone and heard the occasional thanks.

i landed on the ground and started running nit bothering to make an explosion. i saw mineta try to hich hike on shoto but got punched by a robot. "THE FIRST OBSTACLE IS A ROBO INFERNO" present mic yelled. i ran faster and eventually passed shoto. shoto did his best to keep up with me but failed. then some giant robots appeared. i made a small explosion under my feet to launch me in the air. the explosion wasn't big enough to be seen though.

i popped out my arm blades and started spinning and cut the head off of the giant robot before running again. i heard some explosions and looked back. katsuki and katsumi were making explosion to launch them through the air and shoka was using fire to use herself like a rocket. "THE NEXT OBSTACLE IN THE FALL, IF YOU FALL YOU'RE OUT" present mic yelled. i looked forward to see a giant pit with pillars of rock here and there with wires connecting them.

i used my blades to ride across the pit like a zipline while the bakugou's and shoka blasted themselves across it as shoto made his own little ice bridge. i was wondering where izumi was until i saw her floating across using her telekinesis. i passed the fall and kept running but came across open land with dark spots on the dirt everywhere and a giant build board that said mines. "THE FINAL OBSTACLE IS A MINE FIELD, don't worry they won't kill you they just pack a punch" present mic explained. i stopped running and grew a mischievous grin on my face. not long after izumi and co passed me, and when they saw my face they knew something was up.

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