chapter 11

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over the past couple of months i figured out more stuff about my quirk. it turns out i secrete a gas from my body made of the stuff breaking down in my stomach, and everytime i go do vigilante work i've been subconsciously activating that part of my quirk. also when aizawa uses his quirk on me not only does it make it that i can't make fires or explosions but he makes it that i can't control how much gas i secrete. so that means when ever he uses his quirk on me, my body will emit a lot of gas that will explode as soon as i touches fire, which happened when him and endeavor were chasing me down one time. it nearly blew up a building.

well, me and eri are walking to UA. i walk in side and make my way towards the teachers lounge. i knock on the door and the person to open it is the pro hero snipe "uhhh, i think you went to the wrong place kid". "aizawa told me to come here to drop off my sister" i say. i hear aizawa say from the room "just let eri in  and pick her up when you leave". i let eri in and make my way to the support course entrance exam.

i sit next to mei and we talk for a little bit until the pro hero power loader walks on stage. "hello everyone, you may know me as the hero power loader. the support course test will go like this, you will be given three hours to make any support item you desire out of the materials we provide you" he explains. 'that seems reasonable' i thought. i door to my left opens and large amounts of junk is dumped into the room. "you may now begin" he says.

everyone rushes to grab what they can from the pile but i just sit and wait for everyone to get what they need before i get mine. after 10 minutes everyone has what they want and they return to their seats while i get my stuff. i was rummaging around in the pile until i found something interesting.


i walk up on stage with with my invention to explain it to the judges. "will you please explain your invention" power loader asks. "i made a gauntlet that can shoot these little canisters" i explain holding one up. "when the stuff inside is exposed to air it expands rapidly surrounding the target in a foam like substance that instantly hardens, immobilising the target. the only downside is that when the foam is exposed to fire, it explodes" i explain testing it out on the test dummy they had but not exploding it. 

"amazing work, young midoriya. you are now free to leave" power loader says. i leave my invention there and leave to go get eri.


"looks like we're got an interesting batch this year" a lady in a very revealing outfit says.

"yes we do although, some seems to be missing" nezu says.

"who might that be" a dog looking person asks.

"phantom" aizawa says slightly annoyed as eri watched the people in awe.


after i picked up eri we went back to the bakery and worked for a little bit before returning home. after i put eri to bed i put on my vigilante stuff and my newly made scythe. i jumped out the window and made an explosion letting everyone know that if they're doing something illegal. run. it also lets every hero know where i am but that doesn't matter.

i wasn't even out for a minute before heroes started attacking me. all might or should i say ass might tackled out of the air and pinned me to the ground. eraserhead was using his quirk on me. multiple heroes came out of hiding and i could hear the helicopter blades from the news team. "how come i didn't see you at the hero course entrance exam" nezu asked.

i was counting in my head until eraserhead blinked. "nezu, if i recall. you said you need to take the entrance exam. not specifically the hero course one. i could have been in support, or business, or maybe even general studies" ass might tightened his grip on me. but i kept counting.




"well it seems you found a loophole" nezu says. "but we will still have to bring you in" he says. all might lifted me up and put me in quirk canceling cuffs. "let me tell you about my quirk" i start "my body releases a gas that can be set on fire or explode, but when my quirk gets canceled out i can't control how much gas is released, so that means unless you take these cuffs off of me in a few seconds this block will be nothing but ruins"

"how do we know we can trust you" green tornado says. "eraserhead can vouch for me. remember when him and endeavor almost caught me. he was using his quirk on me and had me in his capture weapon and endeavor got a little to close and it nearly blew up a building" endeavor and eraserhead look at me in shock. "so that's how you did that" eraserhead mumbles. "QUICK LET HIM GO" endeavor yells. all might still had me in his hands.

"what if it's all a trick. he could be lying" then everyone except all might noticed the lighter in my hands and backed up. "i was somewhat lying, i don't let out that much gas unless i want to but right now there's enough for me to do this" i light the lighter. the explosion blew all might and the cuffs off of me. it made a smoke screen allowing me to slip into an alleyway and run off before running away.


i'm in yet another meeting and toshinori is in bandages from the explosion phantom made. everyone was reviewing the entrance exams yesterday. "well we certainly have some interesting kids this year" nezu said looking through some files "is there anyone who catches you eye aizawa" he asks.

"yes there is" this surprises everyone "and nezu i would like to make a request" i ask. i throw a file on the table, toshinori looks at it and shutters remembering what happened a few months ago. "akino midoriya, he went for the support course support course" i said getting power loaders attention. "what is your request aizawa" nezu asks. "i want him to work with my class, he has great analysis skills. he could tell what a persons quirk could do just by seeing it in action, and he could get them the gear they need. and on top of that he has a powerful quirk" i explain. nezu thinks about it for a little bit. "i grant you request aizawa"



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