chapter 18

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as izumi and katsumi were doing there battle i was sitting with the rest of the class. "hey akino, how come in your fight against shinso it was like you guys knew what attack you were going to do next" kirishima asked. "because we trained together a lot" hitoshi said. "what did you do for training" kaminari asked. hitoshi shuddered remembering the training we did making everyone confused. "i kicked his ass a lot" i say bluntly.

in the end izumi won the fight, shoka won her fight against mina, and katsuki won his fight against kirishima. i was walking down to the hallway where i would enter the arena. "IT'S THE GIRL WITH MIND POWERS, IZUMI YAGI FROM CLASS 1-A" mic yells. the crowd cheers. "AND SHE'LL BE FIGHTING THE MAN OF PURPLE FLAMES, AKINO MIDORIYA ALSO FROM CLASS 1-A"

i walk into the area and see a massive amount of amount of people cheering for me. it sort of felt nice getting recognized for once. i walk up on stage and eye izumi. i knew how here quirk worked, her telekinesis needed her to see me so it can work and one for all had to hit you for it to be dangerous, there was the chance she could use the immense power to create shock waves but i could anchor myself to the ground to counter that. so what i need is speed.

i got in a running position and make all of my spike stand up, the ones on my back tearing through my shirt in the process. when i had my spike up it made it easier to maneuver in the air. 


"what is he doing" shoka asked. "he figured out how to beat izumi, so that means she all ready lost" i say surprising most of them. "no way that extra will win, she can just use her telekinesis to throw him out of bounds" katsuki said. "izumi's telekinesis relies on her having to see her target, so how can she use it when she can't see him". everyone is surprised by the statment that i made. "but can't she just power up herself and punch him" mina asked. "that's only a problem if she can hit him, like i said, izumi's all ready lost"


midnights whip cracked through the air and before izumi could do anything i was over there in a second and roundhouse kicked her in the side. everyone was surprised at how fast i was. i can only make five explosions that condensed to launch me at those speeds before i have to take a brake. izumi regained her footing and looked to where i last was only to see a foot hitting her face. she stumbled bawards and felt a force hit her leg making her trip.

it was me kicking her. as she was falling i grabbed he leg and swung her around and threw her and added a bang to top it off. turns out the explosion i made to make sure she ended up out of bounds was a little to strong and she got embedded into the side of the arena wall. i quickly left to go get food so i could fuel up. i went and sat next to the rest of the class while shoka and katsuki had there fight.

"who do you think is going to win" kaminari asked me. "katsuki, because shoka only uses her flames putting her at a massive disadvantage and the angrier katsuki the bigger he makes his explosions. so if he somehow get angry shoka if going to lose" i explain. "how come you eat after every fight kero" asui asked. "because my quirk makes explosions using the gas that comes off my food when it breaks down in my stomach" i say.

"hey midoriya, hypothetically could you do finger guns and shoot fireballs out of them" kaminari asks. "yes but in order for then to do any damage i'd i have to condense them a lot meaning i could only do five to ten shots" i explain making him hum in acknowledgement. 'i might actually give that a shot' i thought. my thoughts were then interrupted by a massive explosion.

i turn around and see that katsuki had won. "well, see you guys later" i wave to them before walking off. this time mic didn't call us out we were all ready on the arena. "FOR THIS YEARS UA SPORTS FESTIVAL FINAL MATCH IT'S KATSUKI BAKUGOU VS AKINO MIDORIYA" mic yells as the crowd starts cheering louder than ever. i was thinking about how to beat katsuki, than i got an idea.

midnight cracked her whip and katsuki used explosion to rush me and i did the exact same thing. he did a right hook and added an explosion to the hit and i countered it with the sames thing. every attack he did i mirrored it. his fighting style started getting more erratic while i stayed calm. everytime our explosions met my overpowered his making him more and more mad. eventually he backed up to the edge and i did the same. he launched himself into the air and started spinning and i did the same. "HOWITZER IMPACT" "PHANTOM STRIKE" we both yelled of the names of identical attacks. although my explosion was slightly bigger and by slightly i mean it covered half of the area where we could fight. when the dust cleared katsuki was knocked unconscious and embedded into the wall.


i placed first, katsuki placed second, and izumi and shoka tied for third. "I AM HERE" i looked up to see all might jumping off the roof of the stadium and into it. he gave us our awards and congratulated us. i didn't really pay attention to what he said, i was thinking about what dadzawa would do when he realizes i was toying with everyone except hitoshi.


well. . . . dadzawa wasn't happy at all. and i was extremely tired so i went to bed early. i was sleeping peacefully when i was woken up by the sound of walking. i stood up a looked around, it was the same place where i had the weird dream a few weeks ago. "you fought the ones who ruined your life but you fought them with no anger but with genuine excitement, why is that". i look around for the voice that said that but saw nothing so i answered it's question. "i was having fun because i find enjoyment in exciting fights, and i don't hate them, izuku does. i am not izuku. i am akino midoriya aizawa. and when they find out i was izuku, then i don't know what i'll do" i explain. "that's quite the answer there". "who are you" i ask. i feel a presence behind me and see the line thing that i can sometime turn into "i am your quirk"



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