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Third Person POV

You have recently have been getting loads of hate from Justin's fans. You had no idea why, but you couldn't help but be upset. You knew the cost of being Justin's girlfriend, there were pros, and cons to it. Yet, you didn't care for those, you just cared that you got to be with the one you loved.

The hate started a little back around when you and Justin had your two year anniversary. You happened to one day absentmindedly went on to Twitter, and saw the hateful things people were saying about you online. Some weren't that bad, but there were ones that made you have a little apprehension on deciding if you should delete your account.

Some of the comments consisted of his beliebers saying that they don't understand why he would go for a girl like you. Some others were pointed out about your ethnicity. You didn't understand why that mattered, if you loved each other, shouldn't you be together?

When you read the comments they made you stop and think about yourself. Thoughts ran through your head, some were good, some not really. Were you not enough for him? Did he not love you, like they say he doesn't? Is he cheating? No! He wouldn't. You drove yourself crazy with everything running through your head. It made you question everything that he did, you did.

Even though you knew that you shouldn't have, you still decided to check your Twitter, with a little hope that it wouldn't be the same. Once you logged on you instantly regretted it. Things weren't the same, they were worse.

"Why are you still here in Justin's life? You're just there to take his money and steal his fame. You're such a gold digger. @y/t/n"

"Guess what? I heard that Justin's girlfriend y/n screwed one of Justin's friends behind his back. If Justin wasn't so focused on this whore, he could be with a woman who would satisfy him, and him only. @y/t/n You're such a whore 😂.

"@y/t/n If Justin wanted to date a black girl, don't go for the one who is ghetto as fuck, and is a drug addict. She probably has a whole bunch of kids by different guys. You never know. I feel bad for Justin, she's probably always up his ass. @justin.bieber You made a mistake wasting your time on her."

You shut your laptop pushing it away from you, and letting the tears spill. You just didn't understand. How could they be so cruel. They don't even know you? You were hurting on the inside, but you didn't want Justin to know. You didn't want him to worry about you. It was bad enough that he was somewhat stressed with work.

He says this year is his come back year. You're going to support him, not let him worry about some rude things that people were saying about you online. You needed to handle it yourself. So far you thought you were doing good by not letting Justin know. You would act like everything was fine. When in reality you were dying on the inside.

But, just when you thought Justin didn't know. He definitely did know. He would notice you giving him half smiles, and keeping your distance, instead of being your happy bubbly self. He would notice that you were hesitant every time he wanted to take you out, or just to be seen in public with him. At first he thought it was something he did, but that thought faded when he noticed you wouldn't sign things with him when you guys saw beliebers. You would keep your distance.

Since you and Justin trust each other, you and him know each others Twitter account passwords. One day, he decided to go on your Twitter and post a picture of you that he loved of you, and then post it on his. As soon as he logged on yours, he saw the harsh things his believers were saying to you. Then it all made sense. Why he would catch you staring at yourself in the mirror, in only your undergarments. Or why he would see you take small bites of your food, because of the things said online about your weight.

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