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I sat on the toilet seat waiting for the timer to come to an end. I liked at my phone to see how much time was left. A minute. It seemed like time was taking forever to go by, it was taking its own time to pass, while it left me to sit here and suffer.

I'm nervous yet excited at the same time. I've always wanted kids, yet at the moment I'm not at the age to where I want to start the family.

I'm a little nervous though to tell Jason, I mean, what if I am pregnant? How will he take it? When I've seen him around kids he wasn't always the best, but I know that there's a soft spot in him that'll

I was so caught off in my thoughts that I didn't realize that the time we went off. I stopped it, and put it near the sink, finally looking down at the stick.


Holy shit.

Oh my god.

I'm pregnant. I'm going to have a baby.

I'm going to have a baby!

I felt the tears prick at my eyes as I just realized that I'm going to actually be pregnant, and I'm going to have a child with the man I love. With Jason.

I heard the door open from downstairs and the main person I've been wanting to see all day today, well yesterday, since Jason went on a mission and I've been up all night waiting for him.

I put the stick in the drawer and immediately ran out the bathroom, so I could meet Jason in the bedroom. I slid under the covers and sat there as I waited for Jason to come up the stairs.

"Baby girl, where are you?" I heard him call out.

"Up stairs." I heard his feet run up the stairs, and I felt my insides do flips. The door opened and Jason stood there in the doorway. A tired smile painted in his lips. He dropped his duffel bag by the doorway before walking over to the end of our kings sized bed and falling face first on it.

He said something through the mattress, but I couldn't here him. "Why don't we help get your clothes off, yea? I know your probably tired, mhhm?"

He nodded his head turning around and sitting up. I started unzipping his hoodie before he pulled me by my waist, and sat me on his lap.

"I said that I love you so much, and that you're so beautiful." He said leaning down to give me a kiss. I smiled in the kiss, but pulled away soon remembering what I needed to tell him.

"Jase, baby. There's something I need to tell you." I told him as I finished taking off his last bit of clothes. He laid down in his stomach, as I sat on his back to give him a massage.

"Mhhm. You know, you're really good at this." He was silent for a moment. "Can it wait until tomorrow? I'm super tired, and my back is sore, I just really want to go to sleep with my beautiful princess."

I smiled. " important is it?" He then lifted me up, and turned to face me before sitting me back on him.

"Well, I mean, it's really important, but..if you want to wait until tomorrow we can." I started playing with my fingers as I got super nervous.

"No. If it's super important then tell me now." He was giving me all of his attention, but I was starting to second guess telling him. He waited for me, just like the gentlemen he was, and gave me all the time I needed, no matter how tired he was.

"Jason, I...I'm p-."

"Are you cheating on me?" I shook my head no.
"Are you leaving me?" His face got soft, and I could see the vulnerability in his eyes.

"No. I would never." "Then what do you need to tell me?"

"Jason....I'm pregnant."

- hey! happy turkey day guys! how are you? i feel so bad for not updating in like months. i feel like a freaking huge jack ass about it, and so, i think that i owed you guys' something. anyways, the last time i wrote something on here was, i think the mysterious ways preference. i left you guys on a cliff hanger and it was getting straight to the good part. should i or should i not post the other part to mysterious ways? maybe you guys can tell me in the comments, yea?

so, anyways, today i had my cheesecake, and im happy so, im being generous, so here's a lil something something. I don't know what the heck it is. I just randomly thought about it. It's basically just a filler. Well, hope you enjoyed it!
may you be thankful for all of those and things around you! love you guys!
- Gabby

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