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| Did you guys know that your amazing? |

Hola my amazing pineapples!🍍

Sorry for not updating for the past like two-three days. I think I'm coming up with some writers block, and I need more ideas.

Also!! I'm so happy to see that you guys are liking my preferences! It's just making today an even better day. You guys are just so amazing! And thank you so much on helping me make it to 18K!! I'm so happy right now you don't understand. I just love you all!

So, today's my birthday! Yass. I've turned 13. I know, I'm pretty young. Anywhoooore! I got an email from Wattpad saying happy birthday, which was so sweet, yet weird cause I have no idea how they knew. Lol.

Also, what's up with Justin's behind being all over the Internet? I literally died when I saw it. Now all we need is Jerry. We'll see it one way or another. When I saw the picture I was like "But you gotta eat the booty like groceries!"

But I'll try updating for you guys, because your all so sweet, and deserve it. Oi! If you have any ideas and or request just private message them to me. And I'll get started on that for you.

Thank you for all the love my pineapples.🍍
I love you all so much, and forever stay a bad bitch! 😂

- Gabrianna

| P.S. The comments you guys left on Moving On Special Edition had me laughing so hard. We really need to tell Justin that he needs to go on What Not to Wear. I love my handsome baby boy, but sweetie he needs some help. Lol. But again, thank you for the votes, reads, and comments. LOVE YOU! |

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