Mysterious | 4

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|that picture though!|

I am warning you, this is a very long update, so be prepared for lots of feelings, and maybe bring some tissues along with you too.


Y/N stood at the bottom of the staircase looking amazing, yet you could see the distress on her face. Her mind probably running at a thousand thoughts per minute.

And scene.

You're probably thinking "what the hell?" or "what this bitch doing?" or maybe "seriously, what the fuck?" Well, don't worry I am here to answer your questions.

I'm sad to inform you, but not really that sad to inform you, but the Mysterious series will be discontinued, and no one will find out what happens to Y/N because trust me, I have so many ideas, but they just don't cut it. So many parts to this series...and now it's all going away. ' le cries in princess'

Haha! Just kidding! The series isn't over. I put too much damn time into trying to make these other parts perfect. Sooo! I have great news. Give me a drum roll please. 'queues drum roll' the Mysterious series will be further continued..

hold on

give me a minute

I stubbed my toe

holy h-e-double hockey stick that hurts

okay, I'm fine now

what was I talking about?

oh yea, my story.

oops, did I say story?

I think I did.

so what does that mean?
(what do you mean? yeah, yeah, when you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no. what do you mean?
sorry, I had to)

it means, that the Mysterious series will be

turned into a story, and that's how you will further go along through Y/N's journey of being taken by who?

Jason freaking mcCann

so, follow me on my this ride through the journey of this new story.
'says in DJ Khaled's voice.'

any questions can and will be answered, if you have any. im suggesting you to, so ask away. love you guys,

(why my name gotta be so long?)

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