Bucket List

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this is not edited, so please forgive me for I have sinned. 🙏

hey guys, yes I am alive i haven't died. I've literally had someone private message me asking if I've died, yet I'm here. Do you know how long ago I was tagged in this? Like months ago maybe, and I'm now doing this. Horrible! I am a horrible person. Anyways, I apologize to ericaawrites who tagged me in this. Please don't hate me.
So, my bucket list is;
一。 travel the world with my friends

二。go to a Justin Bieber concert (I'm going to his concert this April hell Yass!)

三。go to a Halsey concert because I love her (tbh there's going to be a lot of concerts I want to go to because I'm fan girl crazy like that, gotta problem square up!)

四。go to an Alina Baraz concert because she explains my loveless life in her perfect songs with her perfect voice

五。go to California to go to In-N-Out Burger, #foodismymain, also because California is gorgeous who doesn't want to go there.

六。 get an Internet best friend and meet them in person, and FaceTime, and all that fun stuff cause I have not done that yet, but I do have some of your guys' kik, if you want mine I will leave it down below, but if you're some creepy 50 year old weirdo you can square up too!

七。 visit CHINA! I've leaned Chinese, and I'm going to put it into use. It hilarious when I go to Chinese restaurants and I start conversations with the people who work there. At first they stare at me like "this little girl is talking to us, the hell?!" but then they talk back to me. so it's all good in the hood!

八。 when I grow up I want to get a pet monkey, the ones the size of your finger, and I'm going to name it, if a girl kiyoko, pronounced as key, yo, co, and if a boy he'd be named sonny, I have a long back story for that name, but since I'm not Dr. Heinzdofenshmertz I won't discuss it. (did I spell that right? do any of you even get that joke? maybe I shouldn't have said that, well who cares!)

九。 I want to create my own business, don't know what it's gonna be . Who knows I could make a business where we make meme's for people. (Don't steal my idea please!)

十。 I want to visit the walk-in Barbie house in either Florida or the one in NY in their Toys-r-Us store. That thing is huge!

十一。 I want to go to Coachella!

十二。 I wan to become best friends with Justin Bieber and his family, friends. I promise you I'm worth it, Justin. I could keep you company! (see what I did there? love that song!)

十三。I wanna meet all of you guys! You all seem amazing and on fleek 24/7, so why not?

十四。I want to go sky diving, zip lining! Or maybe jump out of a helicopter! I'm all about that adrenaline rush! (I'm so lame, like gabby staaapphh! 😩)

十五。 have a glow in the dark flash mob! I'm trying to do this for my birthday.

十六。 not trip at the worst moments or embarrass my self. (My friend was telling me a secret one time in class, so of course ya know she's whispering in my ear, and then the teachers walks in the class and says "what are you whispering about?" Knowing her she'd probably make me stand up and tell the class what we were saying. So I go and yell "Her dog died!" My teacher apologized and looked all sad and crap. Then my friend goes and turns to me and said "My dog did die." I felt so bad. 😒 and then another time I almost tripped over a chair leg in a classroom that was super quiet because we were taking a test. It was embarrassing!)

十七。 I can't think of anything else, maybe be in a movie? become a temporary actress. Oh! I really want to become a singer. I've been told that should post videos on YouTube by adults and strangers and crap, but I'm too shy. No gracias!

Here's my Kik: _gabrianna_

Anyways thanks for reading! I have to now do another tag that I was supposed to do months ago that once again ericaawrites mentioned me in. I really owe you, since I feel so bad. If you need a picture or anything just tell me and I'll do it for you! God, I feel bad. Oh! Also I have a request book tag that I'm trying to post for you guys tonight, or today since it's like 3:29 am. You guys send in requested imagines with either Jason McCann or Justin Bieber and I'll do it for you, or anyone else. Would you guys like that. And I also haven't forgotten about the mysterious ways book, and yes I will answer questions. I know I didn't last time, but this time I will. I'm on spring break so I have the time for it. Well that's it love you guys. Stay fleeky! - Gabrianna

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