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I sighed as I realized what today is. Today Y/D/N is getting her first set of shots. You already knew that today was going to be a hectic day. Y/D/N is going to be cranky with getting her shots, and Justin. You can't even rely on Justin with this.

He's against this whole thing. Saying "his baby girl didn't need to or shouldn't have to go through this." So I had to be the mean parent and tell him that if she doesn't get her shots then she'll get severely sick, and so on.

Harsh? Yes. But it got Justin to agree that she had to get her shots so nothing bad would happen to her. And so he could spoil her even more than what he already does.

Right now Justin was at the studio and was to come home shortly, so we could go to Y/D/N appointment. As I was sitting on the couch, I heard my princesses cries from the baby monitor.

I got up from the couch and hurried up the stairs. I walked down the hall, and into the enchanted forest designed bedroom. I picked her up from her crib, and lightly bounced her in my arms. Shhh-ing her from her cries.

I sat in the rocking chair in her room, and lifted up my shirt to breastfeed her. As I fed her and rocked in the chair I heard the front door open and close. "Y/N?" Justin called out from downstairs."

"In Y/D/N's room." I responded only to hear his footsteps protruding up the stairs. I could hear him coming closer to the room, before the door opened. He peeked his head in then walked inside.

I looked up at him, a smile on his face. "Hey beautiful." He said before leaning down and pecking my lips. I smiled. "Hey." He then looked at Y/D/N. Her big hazel eyes opened, as she ate.

"How was being at the studio?" I asked. "It was great. We got a lot of work done. Can't wait to release more music for the beliebers. Yet Scooter says that I should take a break so I can spend more time with you, and Y/D/N. I agree with him though."

He responded while still admiring Y/D/N. "That's good. Nice to know he's giving you a break without you having to enforce it yourself. I'm quite surprised though. Knowing how much Scooter wants you to always be in the studio. Giving it your all you know?"

He laughed. "I thought that too. At first I thought he was joking. But I'm glad that I'm taking a break. I get to spend more time with my queen, and my princess." And he cheekily cheesed.

I felt Y/D/N stop eating so I sat her up and pulled my shirt down. I started tapping her back to get her to burp, but Justin took her from me, and started patting her back himself. "I got her. You go get ready for her appointment." He cringed while saying that. Knowing what was included in her appointment. I smiled before kissing their cheeks, and heading towards our bedroom to get ready.

⇀ ⇀ ⇀

When I was finished getting ready I walked back into Y/D/N room to see Justin had her dressed and ready, and was cooing in her ear. I leaned on the door frame smiling. Justin then turned around and smiled at me. "You ready to go?" I nodded.

"I should be asking you that. You seem more nervous than I am. Are you shaking?" I teased him. He rolled his eyes at me. Typical Justin, rolling his eyes, I thought. I just don't think this is fair to my princess. For them to prod and poke her with needles in her adorable chubby thighs." He pouted. I laughed at him while walking down the stairs.

I grabbed the keys, and Y/D/N's baby bag, then walked out the front door with Justin following after me. I locked the door, then walked to the black Range Rover, and unlocked it. Justin put Y/D/N in the back in her car seat, before coming into the drivers side and starting the car.

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