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The repeated beeping of my alarm clock was sending me into an even worse state than what I was last night. I threw my arm over on top of the alarm clock smashing my hand around to hit the power button. After having to just unplug the damn thing from the outlet to turn it off, I looked at the clock.

The bright green numbers illuminated 7:05.

I spent an extra five minutes just trying to turn it off.

I got out of bed, and grabbed my toothbrush squirting the toothpaste on until I had just enough. While brushing my teeth I contemplated whether or not I should wake Mason up, yet I decided against it. He was up so late, even though I told him he needed to go to bed, he was getting ready for today. And even though I wanted him to go to bed, I couldn't help but have my heart melt at how adorable it was to see him drawing pictures, and..I couldn't say no to him, I'll let him sleep in just a little bit more before I go to wake him up.

As soon as I was done I left out from the bathroom and into my walk-in closet. I grabbed my all black t shirt, and a matching pair of all black high waisted pants.

I walked into Mason's room after I was done changing. He laid there on his bed with his curls everywhere in an unruly manner. I ran my hand through my six year old sons hair, and lightly woke him up.

"Good morning, mommy!" He smiled.

"Good morning baby boy. Are you ready to go see daddy today?"

He nodded his head yes, a huge smile on his face that very much resembled his fathers. He looked like his father. Too much like him. Mason was literally his fathers twin, and anybody who saw the both of them knew that.

"Go get ready and I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast, yea?" I stood up from his bed as he did and headed down the stairs while Mason went into his bathroom to get ready. I walked into the kitchen and started on breakfast. I decided on making Mason's favorite, blueberry lemon waffles with sausages and whipped creamé with strawberries on top.

While I got breakfast done I started to worry a little on how seeing Mason's father was going to work out. How would he react, or how would Mason react. His father wasn't very open to the idea of being a dad at first. He wouldn't come around to see Mason, he wasn't even there for most of his birth. It took a while for him to finally come around, and even now he's barely seen. He was the guy that you heard about everywhere, the kind of guy that if people found out that you dealt with him you'd become the towns talk. Nothing but trouble is all you should expect. I guess the only good thing out of whatever we had was Mason.

Mason came down the stairs dressed and ready to go, his drawings and cards tucked in under his arm. I couldn't help but to smile at him.

"So what are you and daddy going to talk about?" I asked Mason as we sat at the table eating. He stuffed a piece of waffle in his mouth before answering me.

" We're going to talk about the stuff I do when I don't see daddy , and the stuff he does when he doesn't see me. Then, mommy, I'm going to give him these pictures I drew for him, and stuff!"

"Sounds like so much fun baby." I said as I grabbed the plates as Mason finished his last bits of food, and put them in the dishwasher.

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