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I stood in aisle 3 making sure everything was in its place before letting out a long sigh. Today I came into work thinking I only had to work from 1:00 to 5:00. Then, come to find out I had to take the night shift, right as I was about to leave work.

I walked back over to the counter taking out my phone looking at the clock. 11:09. Ugh. I have a whole hour left until closing time. I clicked on the Instagram app, scrolling through my news feed.

The bell on top of the door chimed meaning somebody walked in. I clicked out of the app, turning my phone off and putting it away. I squinted my eyes slightly to see who walked into the store.

"Hello?" I called out. No answer. I walked out from behind the counter to find whoever came inside. As I walked down one of the aisles I saw a tall figure wearing all black. I walked down the aisle. "Sir." I called out. The figure didn't move an inch. "Sir, is there anything I can hel-." "I don't need your help." His voice cut me off.

His voice was deep and husky, yet loud. He smelled of aftershave and cigarettes. Weird concoction, but it was a smell that could have you smell it all day and never get tired of it. I tucked a piece of my curly locks behind my ear, shyly. "O-Okay, if you ever need anything I'll be at the front."

I walked back to the counter. That was odd. I gazed down at the counter letting my thoughts get the best of me. He was tall, maybe 6'1. He had golden brown hair that laid messily on top of his head. His voice was the type that made you shudder the deeper it got. Yet the weird part was he had on sunglasses. Who wears sunglasses at night? It made me wonder what color his eyes were.

He gave off an aura that told you to back off. But I just couldn't help to have the feel of wanting to get to know him. Oh what am I talking about? I'm probably just saying all of this because I'm tired and working late.

I wonder what he's doing here in a music store at this time. Why does a music store need to be opened this late either? Maybe some. people hear a song and then immediately want to buy it.

I leaned over the counter slightly to see the stranger in the aisle. I was contemplating in my head if I should help him or not. But, he did slightly tell me to back off. I sucked it up, and was about to walk away from the counter, but stopped.

The lights went off. Everything. I gasped. Great. I'm stuck in here with the power off and some random stranger, who could do anything to me. I started patting down my surroundings, looking for my phone.

I patted the surface of where I last places my phone, only to not see it there. What the heck? My phone was just there when I out it down. That's when I heard footsteps. They seemed distant, but the more i heard them, the closer they sounded.

I turned around, so I could get from out behind the counter. As I was feeling for the end of the counter I bumbled right into a strong chest. I started hyperventilating.

I backed up. I kept backing up until I almost slipped on the flor but caught my balance. I looked up hearing the breathing, until it was right on my neck.

"It was nice meeting you Y/N." Then the breathing went away. Right with the husky voice. I stood in place. Shocked from what just occurred. What the hell was that? Who was that? Why'd the power have to cut off?

While thinking the power turned back on. And right on the counter was my phone. Okay. Either I'm going crazy, or what. Because my phone was just not there. I then remembered the stranger that was in here when the power went out. I had to go look around the store to see if anyone or that stranger was still here.

I walked up and down the aisles. I checked them all. No one was in either of them. I then went to the back where only employees were aloud. No one was back there. Then how did that stranger get out, because the bell on top of the door never chimed.

I walked back to the front of the store, and placed my head on the counter. What is going on? The more I thought about what happened, the more I got creeped out. Don't think about it Y/N. Don't think about it.

To calm my nerves down somewhat, I grabbed the remote and turned on the television. Us employees aren't supposed to use it, but we still do. As soon as I turned it on the news came up. The topic was crimes. Great. More things to get freaked out about.

"Seems like criminal Jason McCann is at it again. Tonight, June 9th, an innocent bystander was killed. Cops, FBI, and other services seem to believe that McCann is the one to blame. Though not sure, we still have our hopes up that we can catch this not-faced criminal.

We have some witnesses who say they saw, and, or heard what happens tonight. Also here with us is the friends and family of the victim tonight. They've given us information to what at hey have believed to see. The family and friends of the victim have told us that he/she has never had any business or doing with Jason McCann. We advise you to stay safe and indoors.
I'm Kelly Garner, here at 3175 Carasell St. Back to you Christine."

I gulped. That' same street named on TV, is the same street that I'm on right now. I turned the tv off, not wasting to hear anymore. I looked up at the clock. Just wanting to go home. 12:30. I grabbed my things from behind the counter, and the keys to lock up. Once I turned the lights off, and closed the doers I locked them.

I started heading to my car when my phone flashed.

I'll see you again sweetheart.
- J.M.
Yay! I actually like this one a lot. I hope you guys do too. I thought that maybe it was time for a Jason McCann preference. Right? Well, as I said before if you have any requests send them in. Bye Beauties.💕

|P.S. I'm going to start calling you guys my Beauties, because you guys just seem like very beautiful people. But, if your a guy, you will be my Handsome-Beauty.|💟

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