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Hey guys, it's me Gabrianna! I know I haven't been on wattpad for some time now- well for a really long time, yet I have my reasons.

Anyways, I've been thinking of closing this book and starting another/new one so I can start fresh.

The new book will be another Justin Bieber preference book, with features of Jason McCann, yet it'll be better.

I feel like with this book, it was a starter, and that I can finally end it and bring a new book to life with better writing skills and techniques, rather than continuing with this one.

I also have some ideas you guys might like that stem from my other preferences that I did before in this book (mysterious ways....).

so yeah!

With mysterious ways, I think I'm going to change the plot. I don't want to write a basic book like everyone else who has Jason as this psycho serial killer, who kidnaps the girl he's been stalking for days.

I want something different and interesting. If any of you guys have any ideas tell me!

Also what apps do some of you guys use to make your book covers, because theres this font I've been seeing everywhere that I love, but I don't know what app they get it from.

For those who have read this whole thing thanks, to those who haven't, oh well. But I'm seriously deciding on closing this book. It will still be here, and you can read what I have in it, but I want to start over. A book that has a better flow of words, and better ideas.

I WILL respond to request way better than what I did with this book..in all honesty I've sorta gave up on this book. I've slept on it.

Tell me what you guys think, I really would like your opinions. Questions and concerns WILL be answered.

[P.S. also thank you so much for letting this book get as far as it did. I know some people would wish that their votes were the same as their views or etcetera, but I'm just happy that you guys took time out of your day just to view my book and vote in it. i truly appreciate it. hopefully we can get this new book to be as successful as this one. you guys have no idea how much you mean to me. i love you guys so much! thank you!💛]

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