Daddys Little Girl

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Please read the authors note at the end of the preference please. Enjoy!

Justin POV

Today I had to pick Gianna up from school. I love picking her up from school because, we get to spend more time with each other. Just my baby girl and me.

I leaned on my black Range Rover, and waited for the bell to ring for the kids to come out with their teachers. I got looks from some of the parents, of course the moms. Don't they know I'm taken by my beautiful wife, Y/N?

The bell rung, all the kids running from their teachers to their parents. I saw Gianna. She was running her mouth to her teacher. Nothing new. That's her trait she gets from her mother. Her and Y/N could talk all day, and then continue on tomorrow. It's adorable to be honest.

Gianna looked up and saw me, she instantly let go of her teachers hand and ran toward me.
"Daddy!" She yelled while she jumped on me.
"Hi princess. How was school?" I asked her, after waving bye to her teacher, and strapping Gianna on her seat.

I hopped into the car, Gianna telling me how her day at school went. "Daddy, today we had music and art." She said excitedly. "Really?" I asked her. "Mhhm. I drew me, mommy, and you. Ohh! We also had music, and we got to sing."

"That's amazing baby girl. Did you have fun?" I knew she loved music, and drawing. She got her musical side from me, and her drawing from her mother. She was like Y/N in so many ways, yet Y/N says Gianna is a total daddy's girls. I'd have to agree.

"I had lots of fun daddy. I sing one of your songs. But, then two girls were being mean." I looked at her from the rear view mirror.
"Who was being mean, to my princess?"
"This girl was named Emily, and Christine, daddy. They yelled boo, when I sung your song. "

She was pouting now. "I'm sorry princess. You ignore them, they're just jealous of your amazing singing." She nodded her head. "Did you tell the teacher?" She shook her head no.
"I yelled boo when they sing their songs. They did really bad, daddy."

I had to restrain myself from laughing. But, I was proud of my princess. She stood up for herself. I always knew she was going to be tough. Just like her dad. "Good job princess. But next time tell the teacher, okay?" She nodded her head.

We were almost home, and Gianna yelled out.
"Daddy can we get cookies?" Oh my. Gianna loves cookies. "Sure princess. But this stays between me and you. Don't tell mommy. Yeah?" She pretended to zip her lips and throw away the key.

I smiled. "That's daddy's little girl."

I think I should change the way I do my preferences. Like, maybe I should change it to where I say things that I think you, and or him [Justin] would do in your relationship. Or should I keep it like this? I need your opinion.

Anyways. QOTD: How do you think Justin would be as a dad?
I think he'd be an amazing dad. Daddy Bieber is so cute. I love the way he acts around kids. His wife [me] is going to be so lucky. Lol. I hope you enjoyed the preference. Wrote this while listening to Swap It Out. Bye lovelies.
~ 💜

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