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A groan elicited my lips as my head felt as if it was being continuously pounded by a hammer or mallet. I kept my eyes closed while trying to get comfortable in my comfy bed, and placed my head on the pillow, which eased my growing headache.

I rested for a minute before my eyes jolted open and I pulled myself upright. I don't remember my bed being this comfy. I looked around the room I was in but wasn't able to spot anything with it being dark in the room. From what I could notice due to the moonlight was a nightstand next to me with a glass of water, two pills and a note.

I picked it up hoping that maybe it would tell me why I'm here, and who the hell took me.

"Hey baby girl,

If you're reading this that means that you've woken up, and I bet that your heads killing you. So, I set two pills and a glass of water for you.

Did you know that you look so gorgeous while sleeping. I can't wait to be waking up to you every morning, and being able to see your gorgeous face.

Anyways, I've set out an outfit for you to wear in the chair next to the bed. I know that you like taking showers after work, so I got your favorite shower gels and moisturizes. The gels in the shower, are on the in-shelf, and the moisturizers are on the vanity, chose anyone you want.

When your done come downstairs. I have a surprise for you. I can't wait to see how beautiful you look. Don't take too long, you don't want me to get upset and then have to ready your myself.

See you soon baby girl,

Jason. Why does that name sound so familiar? Jason. Ja-.. No. It can't be. I got up from the bed and walked around the room trying to find the light switch, and hitting my toes on furniture the way.

I was finally able to turn the light on and gasped at how beautiful the room looked. A chandelier hanged from the ceiling, and a huge vanity stood against one of the walls, and just as Jason said, it was covered and full of my favorite perfumes, moisturizes, and cosmetics.

After a while of staring in awe, the excitement settled down, becoming replaced with a gut wrenching feeling, the more I looked around. The more scared I got. Reality actually hitting me in the face.

I've been taken. Taken by some crazy dude who I don't have anything to do with. What does he want from me? Why'd he take me?

I then ran towards the window hoping that I could open it and get out, but it was shit tight. Too tight. I then noticed nails hammered into the window sealing it shut. Fuck.

I grabbed the lamp off the nightstand and went back to the window. I took the bottom of the lamp and hit it against the window. It did nothing but jolt the lamp back at me, making me hit myself in the chest.

I repeatedly kept hitting the hoping it would break, but it wouldn't. Nothing. Not even a scratch. I slipped down on the wall. The negative thoughts of me not getting out of here swirling through my mind.

I smelt something. Something familiar. I got up from the floor and walked over to the vanity, running my hand across the many bottles that lay atop it. Each smell wafted up my nose, reminding me of home.

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