[preview!] BAD GIRLS CLUB

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This MAY be my last preference for this book, it MAY NOT be. Also, this isn't exactly a preference, so just bare with me. This is more of a preview to a story idea of mine.


HAILEY sat down in the confession box already tired of these girls. She swore that she was ready to fight. In reality we know that she's not gonna do shit.

All Hailey ever did was spend her time in the confessional box calling her other model friends to talk shit about her house mates. From time to time she would try to give Justin a call, but he sent her straight to voicemail. His last words being "I told you that what we had wasn't serious. All you were was a good fuck. Be mad at yourself for giving it up so easily."

Hailey was tired of these girls thinking that they were above her. Especially that fucking five year old Ariana.

The camera man sat in front of Hailey in the confessional, waiting for her to talk.

"All of these hoes need to go home. Especially Ariana. I will definitely make sure that she gets eliminated first. She swears up and down that she's so fucking great, and that she's going to be the last bitch standing. Like shut the fuck up. 'Oh I'm Ariana and I have awards, millions, and the body of a 10 year old.'

Before Hailey could finish Ariana stormed into the confessional and snatched the phone out of her hand before she could attempt to call Justin again. Ariana had been waiting for the chance to bop the hell out of this bitch.

"Fucking bitch." Ariana said as she grabbed Hailey by the hair and swung her fist down into her back.

The other house mates watched from behind while Jordyan cheered, and sipped from her margarita glass.

"Every time you come in this damn box all you wanna do is talk shit about me. I'll give your weak ass something to talk about now bitch."

By now they were both on the floor dragging each other- more like Ariana was wiping the floor with Hailey. The crew had came in to break up the fight before it got worse.

Ariana kicked her legs hitting Hailey in the head before security finally pulled them apart.

"You fucking hoe. That's why Big Sean rapped about your loose pussy in one of his songs." Hailey then turned to security demanding he put her down or he could get it too.

The security guard, Dan, just laughed in her face.

"Shut the fuck up. Your a psycho bitch Hailey. That's why you were just Justin's hit it and quit it, because your pussy was loose. You want to talk about my body? I bet fucking you is like fucking a boy with your no shape having ass."

The security guards, and Dan were still nearby, but had set the girls on their own two feet now. They hoped that they would hash it out. But if they didn't they were prepared. Nothing they haven't seen before.

Hailey had ran past the guard and up to Ariana before pulling her by her famous ponytail hairstyle and dragging her down.

The other girls had finally stepped in and tried breaking it up, while the guards came. Normani took notes from this fight on tips for when she finally beats Perrie and Gigi's ass.

Punches were being thrown along with hair extensions, and explicit comments while the girls were separated again.

The camera men were running around everywhere to make sure that they got all the action on tape to put on national television.

"Get the fucking camera out of my face! Get the fucking camera out of my face before I break the shit."

Welcome to the Bad Girls Club! CELEBRITY EDITION!

- so, did you like the somewhat sneak peek of my new book? I think it was trash. um, none of this is hate towards any of the other girls. I actually like some of them.

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