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|Dedicated to @miss_perfect166 |

|P.S. Contains lots of swearing. So read at your own privilege, I guess.|


I felt the tears rush down my face as I see what's in front of me.

"Justin what the hell?!" I shouted. It coming out more as a sob. Justin jumped and turned to look at me, the random woman he was having sex with covering themselves up.

"Baby girl, it's not what you think." He grabbed a pair of boxers putting them on and walking towards me.

"Don't. Come. Near. Me." I pushed past him. Walking towards the closet and grabbing a duffel bag. I turned around seeing that girl still in our - his bed.

"What are you still doing here? Get the hell out of my house!" She picked up her clothes, and ran out the room, before I heard the front door slam.

"Baby don't do this please." Justin begged. Is he serious? You cheat on me and then want me to stay here as if nothing fucking happened. Hello! Its the 21st century dumbass. That's not happening. Not with me.

I stood up grabbing some of my things out of the closet and shoving them in the bag. "Maybe I wouldn't have to do this if you didn't go cheat on me." I shouted.

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have cheated if you would have just let me have sex with you already!" He shouted back.

I turned around slowly before seeing Justin's eyes widen as he saw how I laughed sadistically.

"You have seriously got me fucking messed up. Is this what this is about? Because I wanted to wait until marriage to then give myself to you. And to think you were the little fucker that said you were fine with that. Oh, and let's not forget that you were fine with waiting because you said you what? That you loved me. So is this love Justin? Tell me is this love?"

I cursed him out with every inch in me. He deserved to feel how I did. To think the person who 'loves you' is willing to go have sex with some random girl, because they can't wait. Should have just came to me and talked to me about it.

" I have needs Jessica." He stated. Why is he still talking to me? "Don't even get me started on needs Justin! Since you want to go protesting about your needs, here's mine. I need you to back the hell away from me. Can you handle that need?"

I heard him sigh besides me as he spoke up, again. "Your blowing this all out of proportion, Jessica."

I took a deep breathe telling myself that I need to calm down. "I'm blowing this out of proportion! I loved you Justin. I fucking loved you. And - And I come home to the boyfriend that I love to see him having sex with another woman, because he can't wait until marriage. When he could have just came to me to talk about it."

I felt he tears rush back down my face as the situation of what's going on hitting me in my face.

"All you had to do was talk to me, and tell me how you felt about this. Because I was actually willing to give myself up to. Actually, that's what I came up here to talk to you about. I loved you so much that I was willing to forget about my morals just because I loved you."

I turned back to grabbing my things and shoving it in the duffel bag.

"Jessica, baby. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I - I couldn't help myself. I wanted you so bad. But I wanted to respect your morals. I felt as if I came to talk to you you would get upset. I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean it. But please don't go. Please. I need you here with me, you know that I love you. I love you so much.

If you leave I won't be able to function without you. If you go you will forever hold my heart, and crush it as long as your gone. You can hate me, hit me, anything. Just don't leave please."

"Justin, I will love you no matter what. But you know I can't stay. I already told you how I fell about cheaters. You told me you wouldn't do that. You lied. You told me you would wait. You lied. You said that you loved me. You lied. I told you I didn't like liars. Yet you lied. So please give me a reason to stay. Just give me a reason."

"If you leave I'll die here without you by my side. If you leave I'll have to cry myself to sleep at night. If you leave that'll end up with us both being unhappy when we can have each other to keep us happy. If you leave we'll never know if we could ever make it through this huge mistake that I've made. If you leave it will have to force us to think about the future and what it could've held for us. If you go, everyday we'll have to look back on this and wonder if it was worth it. So don't go. Because if you do in the end there's no situation that anyone's winning. It'll be a lose - lose."

Just had me backed up against one of the walls. I looked seeing my half packed bag, and into his tear filled eyes. Is this worst it? If I leave wit this make the situation better? Yet I can't stay here and act as if nothing happened. Why is this so hard.

"Please, Jessica." I couldn't say anything, so I did the only thing I knew.

I kissed him. I kissed him with all the feelings I had mixed within me. My fingers ran through his hair, as he gripped my waist, and kissed back with twice as much feeling.

I pulled away when I needed to breath. Mina and his lips swollen.

"I won't leave for good, but I can't stay either. I need some time to myself. Time to think." I told Justin out of breath.

Justin nodded his head smiling slightly. I grabbed my bag, before getting other things that I would need. When I gathered my things and headed down the stairs with Justin on my tail, I stopped by the door.

"How long are you going to be gone?" Justin asked. I looked down at my shoes. "Probably a week or two."

I reached for the door almost walking out, when I turned to Justin.

"Justin." I called catching his attention. "Yea."
"I'm gonna need you to make sure this doesn't happen or I won't be coming back. Okay."

Justin nodded his head, before giving me a kiss on my forehead, and I walked out.


Well. That is not how I pictured this going. Too late now.

Two updates at around 2 - 3 in the morning. I guess I just really love you guys!

Anyways. I hope you liked your preference, Jessica. I had fun writing it. Especially with you cursing Justin out. Lol. Sorry if there's a lot of swearing. I tend to to swear a lot, soooo. Jesus forgive me.

Hopefully, I can update some more because I know that I haven't been constant with it. Getting ready to go back to school, and shit. I'm excited though. Only one out of my friends.

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