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"Dude. She's everywhere. I can't go to the bathroom without her thinking I'm leaving her. I don't understand what her fucking problem is." I whispered into the phone.

Chaz laughed from the other side of the phone. "Bro, it sounds like you found out your girls problem. She's too damn clingy. Obviously she can't be gone from you for more than 10 minutes." I groaned while he just laughed more.

"You got a problem on your hands." "Yea. You think I don't know that already." I growled slightly into the phone. "Sorry dude." I could just hear the smirk in his voice. "Whatever. I called you to have someone to talk to. Not someone to laugh at my already known problem." I said through the phone. I heard footsteps protruding from the stairs knowing exactly who it was.

"She's looking for me. I know it. I'll call you back later." I told him in a hurry. "Okay. Later dude." I then hung up the phone and shoved it in my pocket. I turned on the sink in the bathroom to make it look like I was washing my hands. As soon as I turned the faucet off there was a knock on the door.

"Baby, are you almost done? I wanted to know if you wanted to have a movie day with me today." "Uh. Sure. I'm almost done. Just get everything ready and I'll meet you out there." "Okay."

After that I heard her footsteps walking away. I sighed and looked in the bathroom mirror. Y/N is stressing me out. I can't do anything without her having her body wrapped around my arm. Why do you think I don't go to award shows anymore. If I won an award, and it would be time for me to go on stage to say my speech, she would probably go on stage with me.

She's a beautiful girl and all, but I just can't take how clingy she is. If she wasn't so clingy then this relationship would work. Well, it seems to be working for her, but not with me. She's smart, good looking, killer body, not to mention she great in bed. Her personality is amazing. She just gives off that nurturing aura. It's quite soothing until you figure out how stuck she becomes to you.

It makes me wonder how she has all these friends. Don't they think she's a little around too much too. I mean, I feel like she's everywhere. No matter of I'm across the globe, she's there. It's fucking creepy.

I opened the bathroom door, and decided to finally come out of my hiding. I don't want her to think I'm trying to hide from her-even though that's exactly what I'm doing-so, I walked out to the living room. There she had bowls of snacks and stacks of movies on the coffee table. Then there laid a blanket on the floor surrounded by pillows, and in the midst of it all sat Y/N.

She patted the seat beside her. "Sit." She said. I sat down next to her, as she grabbed the remote and pressed play. I internally groaned as I saw which movie was playing. It was my movie. Never Say Never. We've watched that movie thousandths of times just to hear her ramble on about how cute I was and still am. Yes I get it. My hair was floppy back then. Please don't start a damn essay on it.

As the movie started Y/N took my arm and wrapped it around her. I fought the urge to unwrap it from around her and give off anything suspicious. I paid no attention throughout the movie, and blocked off as much of Y/N's rambling.

The more I thought about this horrible relationship I'm in got me thinking that I'm basically leading Y/N on. I've got her thinking that I'm undeniably in love with her when it's completely the opposite way around. She thinks everything is fine. Like there's nothing wrong between us. Yet again, how could she know that there is something wrong between us when this whole time I've been acting like we're fine.

Which lead me to the thought that's always in the back of my mind. Break up with her. If I did then I would be happy and girlfriend free. I would be able to go out with the guys and not have to worry about Y/N. But then if I do, I would break her heart, and I don't really want to do that. I mean, maybe there's a reason for her being this way. Right? At least I hope so. Maybe if I confronted her about it then we can maybe solve this problem. Nah. That'll just make me sound like some jackass if I just came out with "Hey, because of you being so goddamn clingy I'm really rethinking this whole relationship." Yea, no thank you.

I could really use some advice right now, and none from Chaz. He's no help. Maybe my mom. She always gives out the best advice and is always there when I need her. But I know that with great advice from my mom also comes with a scolding. She'll probably scold me for what I'm already scolding myself with. Leading Y/N on. I groaned. Why is this so damn difficult?

"Are you okay." I furrows my eyebrows to see Y/N starring at me. Her eyes showing concern. "Yea, I'm fine. Why?" I was completely confused. Why would she question if I'm alright or not. "Well because for one you groaned out loud, as if you were frustrated. Two, you said to yourself 'Why is this so damn difficult?' So what's bothering you? What's so difficult?"

I felt my heart beat fasten. Damn it. I talked out loud. "Nothin. Just work at the um studio. You know how Scooter is." I sounded more like I was trying to convince myself then her. She looked at me with her arms crossed. She obviously wasn't convinced. "Obviously there's a problem Justin, and I don't believe that it has to do with work. I believe it has to do with us." I was taken back a little. How did she know. Did I make it obvious? Did she hear me on the phone with Chaz?

"I believe it has to do with us because I have a problem that deals with us as well." She has a problem. Can't be bigger than mine. "Then what's your problem?" "My problem is you." My eyes widened. Me. Her problem is me! My problem is her!

"Me! I'm your problem here. Are you sure your not the problem?" She looked slightly offended. A glare forming on her face. "No. I think I know for sure that you are my problem, Justin." "If I'm such your problem, then what's making me it? What's made me your problem?" She huffed. We were now both on our feet standing in front of each other. Our pride getting in our way of resorting this in a lightly manner.

"Because your. Your just too-" "What? I'm just too what?" "You're too annoying Justin. Maybe clingy even!" What hell! Did she just call me clingy? Well that backfired in my face. "I'm clingy. Your the clingy one here! Everywhere I go your at. Always by my side. When my friends are over your always here with us. I get no privacy from you."

"You get no privacy from me! Really Justin. If you haven't noticed we have the same friends for fucks sake. So if they're going to come over I'm going to hang out as well with them. You make it seem like I'm always up your ass, when your always up mine. With the whole 'Babe I miss you this.' and 'Babe I miss you that.' You wouldn't let me go out with friends one time just because you didn't like the idea of you not being with me, and other guys starring at me. When I reassured you that I was your girlfriend not theirs."

"Wait. You just said was. So what? You're breaking up with me now?" I was completely astonished. I was supposed to be breaking up with her. Not the other way around. "Yes. I am. I don't think I can take anymore of this. I have some of my things packed, and I'll get the rest of my stuff probably tomorrow."

After that was said she walked away, I guessed grabbed her things and headed out the door. That was not how I pictured it. Me clingy. Pshh. No way.

InfinitelyManyMore I hope you like the preference. I feel as if the ending was quite sucky, but I made it work. At least I hoped. Another preference completed, and many more waiting to be published.

Enjoy My Beauties.💟

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