Moving On | Special Edition

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|Justin looks like somebody's mom, or aunt in this photo, right? And what type of shirt is he wearing? This boy and style. Smh.|


|6 Years Later|

"Y/S/N get back here, right now!" I yelled. I ran around the corner into my bedroom looking for my 4 year old son.

I heard giggling coming from the bed. An obvious lump of his two year old body. I decided to play with him.

"Hhmm. I wonder where Y/S/N went." I looked around in the ensuite bathroom, before heading over to the closet. Then I fake broke down and started crying.

"Why? Why can't I find Y/S/N? Where'd you go? I'm gonna have to call daddy to tell him I lost Y/S/N." I sobbed out loud. Faking my cries like a pro.

I heard the sound of him jumping off the bed, and his little feet padding on the floor as he ran over to me. He then sat himself in my lap and grabbed my hand that was covering my face.

"Don't cry, mommy. I right here. Pwease don't be sad and call daddy." His soft voice rung out in my ears. I stopped fake crying and smiled before laughing.

His face then scrunched up in confusion as he saw that I wasn't crying, and upset. "Gotcha!" I called out. Grabbing him in my arms and tickling him.

He laughed out tears forming in the corner of his eyes. "Ahhh! Mommy s-stop! Hahahah." I stopped tickling him thinking he had enough. His lips forming into a pout, and him crossing his arms.

"That wasn't fair, mommy. You t-tricked me! His pout was so adorable. Resembling one of Justin's. They use it on me all the time, and even though I know they do it to get something from me, I still fall for it.

"I'm sorry, baby boy. How about we go make some cookies, and you can eat one before dinner, yeah?" He smiled. That also a resemblance of Justin's.

"Can I get two cookies before dinner mommy?" He asked. "Don't push it to far, young man." I smiled.

We walked down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I had Y/S/N help me get all the ingredients. "Okay. Y/S/N, I need you to take all the wet ingredients, and pour them in with the dry ingredients.

His eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. I mentally palmed myself in the face. I'm talking to my two year old son, not Justin. Justin acts so much as a baby himself, that I have to explain things to him as if he is one. A perverted one.

"You mean the stuff that looks like sand, and the weird yellow circles, together?" I nodded my head. He grabbed the bowl, his tiny little fingers slipping on the sides of it. He poured the ingredient together, and I had to hold the bottom of the bowl, so it didn't spill.

After Y/S/N pouring most of the chocolate chips in the bowl, stealing some while I wasn't looking we finished the cookies. I just had took them out of the oven, when the front door opened.

"Daddy!" Y/S/N yelled, before turning to me. "Mommy, daddy's home!" He screeched. "I know buddy! Why don't you give him a hug." He then ran off to towards the front door, while I followed behind him.

Y/S/N had his arms wrapped around Justin's leg, before Justin picked him up, and Y/S/N did his best to try and squeeze the life out of Justin.

"Hey buddy." Justin greeted before kissing him on his forehead. "Hi daddy!" Y/S/N called back. He then set Y/S/N down and wrapped his arms around my waist, giving me a kiss on the lips. "Ewwww."

I heard. I looked down at Y/S/N to see his face scrunched up in disgust. Justin just laughed at him, before pecking my lips again.

"Daddy! Daddy guess what?" Y/S/N called out. "What, Y/S/N?" Justin responded. "I made mommy chase me around the house, and she kept calling after me but, I kept running." Justin then cut him off, giving him a stern face.

"So you gave mommy a hard time?" Justin gave Y/S/N that look, saying 'If you were behaving bad, then your not gonna be able to watch any Oswald.'

Y/S/N shook his head no. "I wasn't bad daddy. It was a game me and mommy played. I was hiding under the covers, in you room, and mommy couldn't find me. So she started crying, and I don't like mommy upset so I went to tell her to not be sad no more, and did you know that she wasn't crying?" He said. His voice was as someone who was trying to explain something that seemed completely impossible.

Justin looked at me with a smile on his face. Knowing that I've played that fake crying tricking on him many times, yet he still falls for it. "Did she?" Y/S/N bobbed his head up and down. "I told mommy that that wasn't fair, so she said we could make cookies."

"What type of cookies?" Justin asked. "Chocolate chip." Justin picked up Y/S/N, and ran into the kitchen. I walked behind them to see them about to dig into my freshly baked cookies.

"Hold up. No one gets one before dinner, except Y/S/N." I said. Y/S/N squealed taking a cookie before jumping out of Justin's arms, and running off. Justin pouted and stuck out his bottom lip.

I rolled my eyes at his childishness but smiled. His face then going back to normal. "Oh, I forgot. I bought Chinese." He then lifted up a bag of Chinese food that I was just now noticing.

"What'd you get?" I asked while turning around to grab some plates. As I went to get some silverware I saw Justin trying to sneak a cookie from behind my back. Once again I rolled my eyes.

"Stop trying to steal cookies, Justin." I said while laughing. He threw his hands up in defeat, before smirking and walking up to me.

He wrapped his arms around me before whispering in my ear. "That's fine. I don't have to eat those cookies. I'll just eat yours."

I gasped and swatted his hand away as it was nearing my womanhood. "Justin stop! Y/S/N is right in the living room." I told him.

He still had that stupid smile on his face, and kissed my ear. "Don't think your off the hook now. I'll get you later on tonight, Y/N. Your gonna be begging me to eat that pu-."

"Okay. I called out seeing Y/S/N had just walked in the kitchen. "Mommy can I have another cookie?" He asked. I shook my head no.

"No, Y/S/N. No more cookies for the rest of the night. Let's go eat dinner." I grabbed the plates and the silverware, walking out of the kitchen, leaving a laughing Justin behind.

Like I said a very perverted immature child.

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Lol. Justin's crazy. Anyways, I thought you know, why not make a special part of Moving On. Just to show you guys how it was for them in the future.

Buuut, if you haven't read Moving On 1-3, then your gonna be pretty confused. So then you should read it. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I had fun writing it. Umm, vote, comment, tell others, |If you want to.|

So, yeah! Adios my beautiful pineapples. 🍍
|P.S. Do you guys remember that show Oswald? With the blue octopus, and his dog was a hot dog. I loved that show man! Okay Imma go now. I've got more preferences to write. Bye lovelies!|

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