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When you play get upset with Justin for making you have to wait to hear #WhatDoYouMean, so he has to sleep on the couch.

| Hey guuuyyys, it's Nicole! 'Says in vine voice.'
Anywayssss, hi! I'm soo sorry that I haven't been on, and updating as much as I used to. School is in session and I barely have time to be on wattpad. Like when I get on everything that I see is from like hours ago. Ugh.

Between classes, and my Chinese typing, sports, and after school activities, it's really hard to have time to write for you guys. So please, bare with me? Yeah?

OMFG! Today WDYM came out, and it's also my sisters 19th birthday, and I'm scared af. I haven't listened to it, because I'm afraid that it's so good that I'm gonna cry. I've already heard snips of it, and tears came down my chubby adorable cheeks. I CANT FUCKING HANDLE THIS. Like. DONT. FUCKING. TOUCH. OR. BOTHER. ME. 'Sobs.'

But, how are you guys? How's school? I just found out that I have Chinese homework to do during the weekend. 😒 Its whatever though, that class is easy. 韩盖碧。Thats my Chinese name. It's pronounced as Han-Guy-Be. Pretty cool, right.

I hope you guys enjoyed this though. It's probably pretty sucky, since it is my first text message preference, so yeah. Love you, pineapples.🍍💟 |

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