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yes, it's true. this book is officially closed. finito! I'm actually really proud of this book. I got so many reads, votes, and comments on this book and it makes me want to cry.

i'd like to thank all of you guys who have spent time out of your day to read my book. you don't know how much it means to me.

when I first started this book I thought I was the shit (in all honesty) and I had so much confidence. after a little bit of time, my confidence started decreasing and I started to hate the imagines that I wrote. but I'm very proud of the outcome and couldn't ask for more.

i created I don't know how many covers for this book. I deadass have a whole collage of covers for this book. I hated most of the covers, but the one I have now is okay I guess. yet, if there's anyone who is a cover guru, and can hook this bitch up, please hit me up.

anyways, i WILL create another pref. book, the content will be much better though. like way better than this one.

if you look at the first couple of preferences that I wrote they're trash, but if you look at the last couple of ones that I've recently wrote, they're good and I'm very proud of them.

so once again thank you for the love, and I hope you guys enjoyed this book. I also hope that you guys go and read my new pref. book that I will publish soon.

also...in the new book I will be posting sneak peaks of story ideas that I have. I want to get your feedback on them. and I want y'all to tell me if you guys would read them or not. like what I did with the [Bad Girls Club] chapter of this book. that was a preview of a story that I had.

[p.s. if any of y'all try to steal any story ideas that I post, I will hunt you down, and ask you to not do that. please and thank you. 😌]

don't be a computer/internet troll.

but seriously, thank you for everything, love you guys. 💛

- gabrianna. a.k.a. JUSTINS PUTA

[p.s.s. if y'all have read this whole thing, comment the dead rose emoji, I'm like obsessed with it. much love!]

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