What Would Justin Do [ blurb]

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What would Justin do:
If You Cheated on Him

I think if you cheated on Justin it would crush him. He would drown himself in his own thoughts- telling himself that he wasn't enough for you, he didn't give you enough. He would blame himself, when in reality it was your fault. You may have not meant to do it, yet you did.

Although, that was only how he felt in the beginning. Soon, after the sadness, he'd become angry.

He would realize that you did him wrong and he should've noticed that something was off. It wasn't him, it was you. You weren't good enough for him, you didn't deserve him. You. He gave you his heart only for you to step on it and leave him there to pick up the pieces.

Even though you both agreed that separating would be best. It wasn't him wanting to more, nor you. It was both.

The guilt eating you alive of how you broke his heart, when he could've been your permanent future. And him- he couldn't look at you anymore without the thought haunting his precious mind, tearing him to shreds all over again.

The thought of you with another man.

Giving him all of your attention in more ways than one, when it should've only been him.

Only him that you did those things with.

So you know what I think Justin would do?

I think he would reminisce on what happened. Not to break him, but to help him learn.

So when he sees you again in the restaurant that you guys used to hate (before finding out that it was actually a good place), he would smile.

Not a full smile, but the ghost of the smile that he would have the when he saw you.

And he would think to himself that maybe you were meant to be, but in the wrong time and or place.

Yet he would never let something like that happen to him again.

And of course he would write a few passive songs about you in the future, because if Taylor Swift can do it so can he.


Oh my lord. Anyways I hope you enjoyed that. I wanted to wrote something, but not something that was long and in depth. I just wanted to post without putting too much thought into what I was writing.

I hope you enjoyed that. The "what would Justin do" blurbs are going to be some things that I'm gonna be randomly doing.

If you have any questions or ideas for me to write on what Justin would do in certain circumstances then let me know in the comments!

Also no hate to Taylor or Justin, I used to be a huge fan of her, and I love Justin with all my heart. I just felt like it was getting too sad, you know?

Thanks for reading!

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