Sexually Frustrated

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|Dedicated to @Officiallymisfit |


I was sitting on my bed in the bedroom watching some random movie. I have no clue what it's about but it was on do I just left it in the channel it was playing from.

As I watched the movie more it escalated to the guy pushing the girl up against a wall and kissing her roughly. The kissing went to their clothes on the ground, and the guy pounding into her mercilessly.

My eyebrows scrunched up in confusion as I wondered what the hell I was watching. Who shows all of this on tv without censoring some?

My confusion went away as I felt my Lowe region get hard as the girl moaned and groaned form the pleasure she was receiving. I groaned out loud as seeing my girlfriend Jasmine isn't here.

As of right now she's as a photo shoot, and at this moment I would rather have her here. So she could help me with this problem getting harder and bigger as time goes on.

Realizing that since Jasmine isn't here physically, I'll have to think of her here mentally. I pulled my sweats down and grabbed my member in my hand gasping lightly at the touch of my slightly cold hand agains my warm shaft.

I moved my hand up and down my shaft picturing Jasmine plump lips on my shaft. I sped up my pace as the girl from the movie moaned louder.

I moaned out jasmines name as I pumped my shaft furiously and rubbed my thumb over my slit, feeling pre cum.

With Jasmine in my mind and the moaning from the girl in the background this continued for half an hour, before I felt the build up of pleasure in my lower abdomen.

I pumped a couple of time before releasing with the shout of Jasmine's name.

After collecting myself together and cleaning myself up I sat back on the bed. I laid there for a minute before groaning out loud, as seeing that I wasn't completely content and still honey as fuck.

I looked over the clock noticing that Jasmine won't be home until another hour or two. I knew I should have went to the studio today instead of taking a break off.

"Fuck!" I shouted out. My dick getting hard over again. The only way I'm getting satisfied if Jasmine is here so I can pound into her mercilessly myself.

After laying there for half an hour I heard the he front foot open and close. I sprung up from the bed hearing Jasmine. "Justin!" She called out.

"In the bedroom." I yelled back. I felt myself and jerry get excited as thoughts of me doing dirty things to Jasmine roamed through my mind. Smiling at the fact I'll be able to get rid of my sexual frustration.

I heard her come up the stairs, and into the bedroom. But before she could say anything I pinned her up on the wall kissing her passionately.

When we finally pulled apart she smirked. "Well someone missed me." I smirked back before picking her up and her wrapping her legs around my waist.

"You have no idea." I threw her on the bed sucking on her neck. Leaving bites and kisses. She moaned out loud as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I trailed down to her collarbone, sucking on it before I worked on removing her shirt. Once I got her shirt of I leaned back town kissing her roughly, and grinding my lower half against her clothed heat.

We both moaned at for he friction as I wrapped my arm around her back and unhooked her bra. Her glorious breasts right in front of my face. I leaned down and placed my lips around her left bud. Licking and nipping at it, while my bad managed her right one.

Jasmine moaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair pushing me down on her. Once I finished my assault on her breasts I removed her pants. Her panties soaked.

I ripped her painted off before placing two fingers into her entrance. "Shit Justin." She moaned out. Her hand still in my hair pushing my face to her heat. I pushed my head away from her core, and slipped my fingers out. Jasmine started to whine and protest.

I pulled my sweats down along with the clan boxers I changed into earlier , and stepped out of them. I grabbed my shaft pumping it before placing it at Jasmine entrance.

"No prep?" She asked. I shook my head. "No prep."

I slammed into Jasmine, her back arching as she wrapped her arms around my waist. "Fuck." I said as I thrusted in and out of her at a remotely fast pace.

I placed my hands on the headboard gripping it as I pounded into her. The headboard hitting the wall probably making a dent.

Jasmine ran her nails up and down my back making scratches to go along with it. I rotated my hips and thrusted hearing Jasmine scream, as I hit her g-spot. "Shit Jasmine." I said aloud as I could feel myself coming undone the harder and faster I thrusted.

I continued to staying and thrusting feeling my climax approaching. "I'm. Im g-gonna." She couldn't finish her sentence as I pulled out and slammed in hitting her bundle of nerves as she came.

I thrusted a couple of times before pulling out. I didn't want to cum in Jasmine without a condom. Which I don't have on. Jasmine got on her knees as she placed her lips on the head of my shaft and lapped the slit of it.

She then licked a big stripe from the base of my member to the head. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, and moaned when I felt her out me in her mouth and started bobbing her head.

She continued bobbing her head and grazing her teeth over me. I threw my head back and moaned her name. I felt Jasmine hollow out her cheeks picking up speed, the head of my member hitting the back of her throat. Basically mouth fucking her.

I jerked my hips in pleasure as she moaned the vibrations running through my body. I felt myself nearing my climax.

She bobbed her head a couple more times before I came. Jasmine licking it all and swallowing. I breathed heavily as I came down from my high.

Me and Jasmine were laying in the bed, the silk sheets covering us.

"I should stay home from the studio more often." I smirked.

"Like Scooters gonna let that happen." She stated laughing. I rolled my eyes playfully at her knowing she was right.

"Well, if there aren't going to be more days of this we should enjoy then." I said knowing theres gonna be plenty more days of this.

"That we should."


I really wouldn't mind having a sexually frustrated Justin at my house. Together. Alone. Lol.

I hope you like your preference Jasmine. Justin seemed to enjoy it. 😂 I need to stop!

This was my first ever dirty preference, so in a beginner. For me as a beginner, how was I? Was it good enough?

Anyways. If you guys have anymore requests, I'll be happy to do them.

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