Let Me Love You

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"and if it feels right, promise I don't mind. and if it feels right, promise I'll stay here all night. just let me love you."

Never have I thought that I'd be stuck in the situation that I'm in. I promised myself that I wouldn't come anywhere near close to something like this, yet I did. And it's all because of him.

He changed everything. My mind; how I think, my body; how I crave into his touch.

It's crazy.

The first time it happened I should've ended it. I couldn't. The way he makes me feel is impeccable. No one else comes anywhere close to him. To what we have.

Except for his wife.

The one he leaves me for when we're done. The one he always goes back to, yet still secretly comes to me.

The guilt eats me alive when I think about her. She didn't deserve this. From what I hear she's a loving wife. Everything he could ask for yet he would do this behind her back, and I would allow him to.

Plus, I can't sit here and waste my life away for married man, when I could be out in a relationship of my own.

I'm definitely going to hell for this.

No one deserves to get cheated on. I shouldn't be here helping him wreck what could be an amazing marriage. This is why it has to stop.

I pulled the covers over my body as I felt myself being swallowed in a deep hole of shame, guilt, and self pity.

Justin was in the shower washing off what was almost 3 hours spent having blissful sex.

I couldn't and wouldn't let this happen again which is why tonight I'm calling this off. Whatever this is. When I met Justin it was through a mutual friend of ours at some fancy dinner party.

That was the first time I met and seen Justin's wife. Kailey? Hailey? Sarah? No it was Sofia. She's gorgeous, smart, and wasn't a stuck up bitch like I though. That was usually the stereotype of females that Justin used to hook up with- that I learned from his wife. I guess that was her only problem-she gave away a little too much information.

That is still not a valid reason to cheat, so why would he?

With a sigh I got up from the bed and grabbed one of my many silk robes and tied it around my body.

I started taking the sheets off my bed. In pure anger I took of the pillow cases, blanket, everything. I threw it all in the trash.

My linen closet in hall contained many more sheets, and things for me to replace the one I just threw away.

The bathroom door opened revealing Justin with a towel wrapped around his waist.


The rasp was evident in his voice. It made it sound hoarse, and tired, yet deep, and sexy.

I continued to ignore him as I grabbed the new sheets for the bed and began putting them on.

"Hey, yn, what's wrong?" I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or if he actually cared. You never know with Justin.

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