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So, lately some people that I know are asking me why aren't I updating? That's a good question. That is because I'm working on new story|s|. So far I have up to a couple chapters in them both, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to publish them, and or if they need more work

I have questions that I really need you guys to answer.
1.| Would you want a Jason McCann story, or a Justin Bieber story?

2.| Would you guys mind a boyxboy story? If so, then what couple?

3.| Do you want the new story to be like my old story Mysterious Ways, if you have read it. (Well, what I have published of it.)

4.| Can you guys please please please put in inline comments, and or message me about it? Like, it would mean a lot, and I really want to know how you guys feel about this stuff. It'd mean a lot to me. Thanks!

Okay well, love you guys.

- Your author, Chimichanga! 🍍💟

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