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   Kobi walked into the crowded gym looking for one person. She sighed looking down at her phone once more still not seeing a text from who she was looking for. Clicking the call icon she placed the phone to her ear as she continued to walk around looking for him as people began to take their seats.

"Jarvis." She called out in frustration as soon as the call connected.

"Yo!" He answered cooly irritating her.

"You didn't see me calling you? Where are you?" She asked as she held onto her ear trying to block out the extra noise.

"Im looking dead at you." He said making her stop in her tracks.

"Okay so lead me to you." She said in a duh tone.

"Come to the other side and look straight ahead. Im standing up looking dead at you." He said and she turned toward the other side before starting to walk still looking for him. Finally seeing somebody waving their hand she had spotted him.

"I see you." was all she said before hanging up.

"Excuse me." Was all that could be heard from her as she squeezed through the crowd finally making her way to Jarvis.

"You look good girl where you going?" was the first thing he said once she made it to him.

"Hi, i slept good last night thanks for asking. How'd you sleep?" She asked with a smile as she cocked her head to the side.

"That's why your lace coming up." He said before sitting down frowning at her. "I slept good too." He said and she chuckled lowly to herself hitting his shoulder.

"No its not." She said putting her hand on her lace that definitely was not coming up. "asshole." she mumbled as she sat down next to him as he began to talk to his friends. 

"Hey Kobi." She heard making her look over seeing one of the girls she took a class with waving at her.

"Hey." She spoke back before looking elsewhere. The same girl always spoke to her everyday but thats all she did. Kobi thought she only did that because she liked her name.

"Your girlfriend spoke to you again today?" Jarvis joked causing Kobi to roll her eyes.

"You're not funny." Was all Kobi said before looking down at her phone scrolling down her twitter feed ready for this assembly to be over before it even started.

After the assembly Kobi and Jarvis walked the sidewalks with a frowns on their faces. They stayed after school for 45 minutes just to find out their senior trip was canceled. Clearly a waste of their time and money.

"Yo, come in here with me right quick." Jarvis said making Kobi stop mid walk as Jarvis nodded to the corner store that Kobi knew all too well.

"Really?" She asked dryly as she rolled her eyes and followed him into the store as she held on to her backpack's strap.

"Yo, Jose let me through." Jarvis announced and Jose looked at the two before letting them go to the back of the store. The door unlocked as Kobi looked around the store one more time before following behind Jarvis into the dark tunnel that had few lights.

"You aight Ko?" Jarvis asked and Kobi didn't even answer as she rolled her eyes looking at the back of his head. Jarvis always walked her home because she didn't like walking by herself, plus her parents trusted Jarvis with her life. They knew he wouldn't put her in harms way.

But boy were they wrong.

Jarvis opened the door at the end of the tunnel and the loud sound conversations could be heard just that quick. Jarvis opened the door letting Kobi go in first before shutting it tight and all eyes went to them.

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