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  "Pooda." Kobi yelled as her, Kash, Jarvis, and Tasim all walked into the gym where his basketball game was being held. It was their first time coming to one of his games and Kobi was definitely excited. She had felt like Pooda was a little brother to her, helping him in ways his mother failed to do. She really wanted him off of the streets and with Kade gone, he was now working under Quincy who was more lenient towards the kid who was now 14.

"Don't embarrass him na Ko." Jarvis said shaking his head.

"Shutup thats my baby i'll embarrass him if i want to." Kobi shrugged as Pooda looked there way and they all sent him a smile causing him to run over towards them.

"Waddup yall." He greeted excitedly.

"Waddup li nigga you ready to whoop some ass?" Jarvis asked. "Trash ass nigga."

"Ian trash, Tasim been helping me bitch." Pooda frowned.

"Pooda." Kobi frowned which caused him to put his hands up.

"My bad that nigga just always talking shi- trash." pooda said jumping at Jarvis causing Kash to laugh. "Waddup Ty, our bet still on?"

"Shitchea my nigga, do yo' thang and don't let them trash ass niggas get in yo' head either." Tasim warned him.

"Im not worried bout them niggas, especially number 55 big ass number he got, trash ass nigga."

"Stop cussing." Tasim and Kobi said at the same time.

"Bad ass." Kash mumbled.

"Whatever, i gotta go though. Don't embarrass me yall." He begged.

"Kobi." They all said as they looked at her and she rolled her eyes and flipped them off as she went to find somewhere to sit grabbing Tasim's hand in the process.

"Well fuck us." Jarvis frowed and Kobi just ignored him knowing they were all sitting together.

"You good? you need something from the concession stand?" Tasim asked her once they sat down.

"No im okay, thanks though."

"Fasho." Tasim said as he looked out on the court as the boys all started warming up.

"Oh my Gosh." Kash mumbled as she watched Kade's parents walk into the gym. She didn't want to make it obvious to Kobi so she just looked the other way but Kobi had already heard her mumbling.

"What?" Kobi asked her.

"Ain't that Kade people?" Jarvis asked outload. "I wonder if Kade back."

"Didn't they say he died or some shit?" Tasim asked confused.

"How you know him?" Kash asked as Kobi looked over at Tasim.

"I don't, heard about him. Streets talk you know how that shit go." Tasim shrugged. "Plus niggas in my shop was talking about that around the time the shit happened."

"Yeah mafuckas say he dead, but i doubt it. If he was bodies would've been dropping like flies and im pretty sure his parents wouldn't live down here nomore." Jarvis said as Kobi locked eyes with his father; Spade.

"The fuck he looking over hea' fa?" Jarvis mumbled causing Tasim take notice instantly making him mug the man who looked to be staring at Kobi.

"I think he's looking at the posters and stuff." Kobi lied as she pointed towards the people who had the Go Tigers on their posters.

"Mm." Tasim mumbled to himself as he still eyed Spade who was now eyeing him.

"Ty." Kobi called out making him look over at her. "You good?"

"Yeah." He said as he looked down at her giving her a smile causing her to do the same. She was trying.

Soon the game had begun and they immediately started cheering Pooda on. He was actually good to say his favorite thing to do was play with guns he had no business being around.

"Li nigga still trash." Jarvis mumbled as Pooda hit a 3.

"I love that!" Kobi yelled she clapped her hands smiling with Tasim right behind her.

After pooda's game the crew all went out to eat to conclude his victory. They ate, and laughed and just enjoyed each other's presence and Kobi loved every bit of it. It was different, she didn't have to hide Tasim, and he wasn't trying to hide her either.

She loved it.


   "Hi, my sweetbaby." Kobi smiled as she sat on the ground. It was around 12 in the morning and she found herself unable to sleep. "Life been lifing girl." She sighed.

"But im better than i was the last time i was here, which is good."

Kobi said as she sat in the same empty park she sat at a year ago with Kade. She sat under the tree and put her hand over the K that she had engraved into the tree.

After the disappearance of Kade a little after Kobi had learned that she was pregnant. But it only lasted about two wigs before she unfortunately had a miscarriage. That really pushed her overboard. Nobody knew of the pregnancy so she went through everything alone.

She sighed deeply before just sitting there thinking about what life would be like if she did have her baby, she was never far long enough to know what she was having but she always imagined a girl so thats what she was going with. 

"Kayden, because its close to your name." Kobi told Kade as they both sat on his balcony as Kade smoked his blunt.

"Kade and Kayden." Kade repeated. "It's aight i think you could come harder."

"Ugh, thats too much thinking." Kobi said dramatically as she fell back onto Kade's chest making him cough a bit. "my bad."

"What about a girl?"

"What about a girl?"  Kobi asked.

"If we have a girl what you naming her?"

"Ion know, you think of sum." Kobi shrugged.

"I like Kaylani."

"Thats too much like the singer."

"Not really, its spelled different."

"if that makes you feel better." Kobi shrugged.

"It do."

"Our baby gone be so chocolate."

"Hell yuh." Kade smiled as he thought about the possibility of him and Kobi having a little chocolate baby running around. 

"Waddup." Kobi heard causing her heart to drop as her breathing picked up and she turned around with a deep frown.

"Good fucking bye." She said as she chuckled bitterly.

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