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"Don't fucking touch me." Kobi hissed as she looked him up and down. She was in a very emotional state at the moment and him being there was bot helping her at all. Truthfully he didn't even know she was going to be there but since she was he decided to just speak like he had been itching to for the last year or so.


"Goodbye Kade." She scoffed and she rolled her eyes and began to walk off leaving him to grab her arm. He just needed to touch her.

"Jae, stop man." He said softly. He didn't want to fight with her nor did he want to argue. He just missed her and seeing after that long period of time just brung everything back to him. He was watching her in the beginning well had people watching her just to make sure she was straight. But after awhile he felt is was unfair to watch her and she had no clue where to find him or even to look. So he shut it all down and just prayed for the best.

"Jae, stop?" Kobi repeated as she laughed. "It's Kobi to you." She scoffed.

Right now she didn't know how to feel. If she wanted to be grateful he came back, or happy he's actually not dead but she chose the same feeling she had been feeling over the past year. Hatred, his name alone made her blood boil but to actually see him in the flesh it disgusted her. The man she once loved, the man she planned a future with, the man she would've given everything to now, was now the only man she hated more than anything.

"Aight i deserve that." He said lowly. He had now realized how she felt about him now. He hoped for a hug or atleast a cry but hatred? from the only girl he love wholeheartedly definitely hurt to the core. Even her eyes spoke of hate more than her mouth did. He now realized this was the absolute wrong way to approach but he couldn't help himself he knew he should've kept walking but he couldn't find it within himself to see her in the flesh and not say anything he craved to be around her he needed to be.

His eyes traveled from her eyes to the engraved "K" in the tree, making him look down feeling bad. "You thought i was dead Jae?" He asked lowly unable to look at her.

"I knew you weren't dead, but maybe you should've been... probably would've been better if i did." She spat out as she rolled her eyes and looked up at him one last time before walking off thankful that he let her without a fight or a single peep. He just left his eyes embedded on the "K" engraved in the tree. He looked down at the flowers sitting a little under the letter before looking a little closer actually taking his time to walk over to it. He took the old looking card out of the newly set flowers and opened it.

Daughter of Kobi & Kade.

His shoulders dropped as he too now sat on the ground by the tree. Before Kobi got into her car fully she looked back at Kade seeing him sit infront of the tree with the card in his hand. She watched as his dropped just like hers once did everytime she sat there. She then got into her car and drove off. She went through it alone so could he.

Kade heard the car pull off but couldn't find himself to turn back around. He was absolutely lost for words, losing the love of his life and unborn child he had no clue about. He knew he had done some damage and the hatred he felt was well deserved. But he refused to give up. He was back and he was coming to take back what was his, everything that was his.

His parents had told him about her and some dude at a basketball game and Quincy filled him in on the rest, he didn't care about dude though or whatever him and Kobi had going on. When he left it was temporary thing until they got everything situated until the coast was clear and it was now clear and he was ready to start his family he always dreamed about with the girl he still dream about even being apart from her for so long.

He knew it was going to be hard, but he's been dealing with hard for forever.


"Waddup?" Kobi mimicked as she sat in her car outside of her house. "Who the fuck does that?" She asked outloud.

"Who disappears for a year going on two and the first thing they say to you is waddup?" She laughed bitterly as she began to hit her stirring wheel before resting her head on it. She wanted a drink right now but she made a vow to stop drinking. She didn't want to be in the same predicament that Angel was in.

Kobi had held it all in together for at least a good 7 months and now she felt like she back where she started. Afraid, weak, and broken. Her chest started to cave in as she tried to breathe every breath leaving a sharp pain in her chest causing her to take sharp breaths as she squeezed her steering wheel.

Opening her car door he quickly went to her aid as he continuously called her name. "Kobi .... Kobi ... Ko." Tasim said as he tapped her arm lightly not knowing what state she was in.

"Come on mama i gotchu." He said as he gently pulled her outta' the car and carried her in his arms bridal style quickly making her jump back into reality about to begin to panic but relaxed once she smelled his another 13 cologne. She sighed deeply before letting her head hit is shoulder. She wanted to cry nonetheless, she was embarrassed. Tasim had never seen her like this at all she felt weak all over again she felt vulnerable infront of a man that she told she would never do that infront of.

Once inside Tasim placed her on the couch and immediately locked eyes with her. "You good?" He asked her and she only nodded her head making him look at her with sympathetic eyes. He knew she wasn't okay, she didn't look okay.

"Did you eat?" He asked and she nodded her head again, although she actually didn't eat anything but some chips. "Are you lying to me?" He asked giving her a small smile. She nodded once again and he only shook his head.

"What you wanna' eat?" He asked. She shook her head this time causing him to frown. "You gotta' eat something mama." He said turning his head to the side. "Did you eat the rest of your food from the restaurant?" He asked and she shook her head again.

"Okay im about to go warm it up for you." He said as he stood to his feet. He began to walk toward her kitchen look back at her once more trying to cipher what could have happened from now since the basketball game and them going eat. She had barely ate at the restaurant which he noticed but didn't speak on because maybe she just wasn't that hungry.

Tasim phone began to ring making him pull it out. "Yo, where Ko at? I been calling her?" Jarvis voice ringed through his ears causing him to sigh.

"She right hea' she just need a minute she gone hit you up though." Tasim said wanting to keep it short and not tell what state she was in, if she wanted Jarvis to know she'll tell him herself.

"Hell you did to ha' my nigga?" Jarvis asked just thinking Tasim made her mad or something.

"Ian did shit nigga, why i always gotta be the problem?"

"Niggas is always the problem." Jarvis commented which caused Tasim to get quiet and look back at the couch for a moment.

"Nah, we good. But she gone call you though." He said before he hung up the phone, letting Jarvis's words linger and little more than it should have.

After getting her food and warming it up a but he had walked back to the couch to find Kobi knocked out. She slept like a baby and he couldn't help but to admire her but he also couldn't help but notice the tear stain on her face either. He bent down and gave her forehead a kiss before grabbing the nearest blanket and covering it ontop of her. He had made sure he put her phone in arms reach of her for when she woke up before turning the lights off and locking her door before leaving. He didnt want to invade her privacy he only spent nights when she offered and he didn't want to overstep boundaries. Before getting back into his car he made sure her car door was locked before he made his way home.


it's pronounced Tah-seem.

Ik yall be wanting longer chapters i be trying but i been so tired lately! just be wanting to give yall update and not take forever.

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