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    "Kade?" Kobi called out. She had just woken up outta her slumber due to the loud thunder. She tried turning on the light in her room but it didn't come on.

"Kade!" She called out again as she tried desperately to not fall down the stairs. She could here Kj's paws hitting the floor making her walk in that direction. It was storming outside and Kobi was petrified it sounded like the sky was about to cave in plus the lights were coming on meaning the electricity was out.

"Ka-" She was cut off as she walked into a hard figure and just by the smell she knew it was Kade.

"You straight?" He asked raspily, she could tell either she woke him up or the storm. His arm instantly went to her side being that it was dark and he wanted to be sure where she stood infront of him.

"uhh yeah." She answered clearing her throat. "The lights are out."

"No wonder im sweating in this bitch." He said. "And that noise from the alarm won't stop." He sighed running his hands down his face. Before grabbing her hand and walking over to it. He knew she was scared of thunder and the lights being off only made it worse.

Kade played around with the alarm until the noise finally shut off and he turned around and looked at Kobi. "Ima' getchu a flashlight so you could pack some clothes alright?"

"For what?"

"So we could go to a hotel, when it storms my guards are relieved they can't stand in the rain and we have no alarm so if somebody wanted us dead we'd be dead." He explained as he went and found a flashlight.

"Where are we gonna' go?" She asked.

"Hotel, thats where you wanted to be anyway right?" He asked pettily.

"Spicy." She mumbled. "Can you drive in that?" She asked as she pointed toward the outside of the house.

"We gone be straight." He assured before going off to get some clothes and she sighed before doing the same.

Once she got all her clothes packed up she let him bring the bags to the car through the garage. Silently following behind him.

"Hm." He said handing her the keys and she politely grabbed them going to unlock the car and opening the trunk for him to put the bags in.

After getting in the car and getting everything settled the two took off from the nice gated home and went out into the dangerous white rain.

"Put your seatbelt on." Kobi said lowly.

"What if i gotta' jump out this motherfucka?" He joked but she didn't laugh. He sucked his teeth before putting his seatbelt on. They drove along the loud road and noticed the lights on the whole street was out causing Kade to put on his bright lights.

"Kobi." He called out making her look over towards him. Taking a quick glance at her he began to speak. "Why you still mad at a nigga?" He asked.

Kobi turned her head and looked toward the window out into the surrounding areas that she could hardly even see.

"It's easier that way." She mumbled.

"How come?"

"I don't know, like was more simpler when i disliked you. You were my scapegoat, easier to blame you than it is to blame me." She let out for the first time in her life. "In the beginning i honestly hated you, but after you explained i just simply disliked you because i know you kept in contact with certain people somebody could've atleast told me something you owed me that much. Then the miscarriage it's easier to blame you for it than blaming myself because in all honesty i should've never even been that depressed over you, you left me and i felt like i lost, but im the prize you messed up something great yet i was the one ditzy behind you. So yeah it's easier to blame you than to blame myself."

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