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Kobi walked down the street with her head down. It was 10 on the morning and she couldn't stand to be in the house at the moment. After her mom stood in her room 30 more minutes after Kobi told her to leave explaining how she would never put Kobi through that. And it irritated Kobi, because she did. Everything that happened happened and she couldn't take it back.

Was Kobi mad at her mother because of what happened? No, but after her mom sat there and denied it happening as if  Kobi was lying hurted her feelings. She always faulted her dad and his other family. Because if he had never cheated on her mom he wouldn't have gotten the other woman pregnant with a baby that caused her family heart ache.

At that young age Kobi couldn't even really understand what was happening but all she knew was it was a new baby on the way and her mama was sad about it which caused her to go into a deep depression. She resented her father for the longest but eventually forgave him but she wanted no parts with his other family.

Hearing a horn honk Kobi sucked her teeth before looking to the left of her seeing Kade's car. He rolled the passenger window down and she looked over at him with that ugly mug plastered upon his face.

"Get the fuck in the car."

She huffed before doing as told as he unlocked the door. She opened in and got in before looking down at her fingers as Kade was burning a hole through the side of her face.

"Stop looking at me." She said lowly.

"I been calling yo' phone all fucking morning Jae." He said still looking at her before he grabbed her face making her look at him causing her to frown. "Fix yourself bruh real shit."

"I think i am fixed." She shrugged turning her head away.

"You act like i did you sum, ian do you a bitch ass thing."

"Did i say you did me something?" She asked. "No, you the one came at me aggressively aight." She said calmly not wanting to argue with Kade. He was the only one she was talking to at the moment, and if he decided to talk her she was just gonna' go home and talk to the walls.

"Where yo' phone at Jae?" Kade asked calmly.


"Why it's not on you?"

"Didn't wanna' be bothered." She shrugged causing him to sigh.

"Okay, so why not? Whats wrong?" He asked as he casually drove down the road. Kobi just shrugged her shoulders continuously looking down at her fingers. "Jae, you gotta talk to me baby."

"Im fine Kade, see look im smiling." She said looking at him as she smiled.

"Whatever Jae." He said shaking his head turning his music up. He learned his lesson about trying to force her to tell him stuff like her emotions and stuff. He wasn't used to a person bottling up their emotions because they were bound to explode. Like his sister when something was wrong with her she would vent to her brother. When something was bothering his mother she would go to Spade. So that's what Kade was use to and Kobi was different he wasn't used to it at first but he learned to just be there when she needed him even if it was no words being spoken.

Grateful that he turned the music up Kobi just sighed and looked over at him admiring him as he drove to wherever he was about to take her. Feeling her looking at him he place his right hand in her lap and she grabbed it before she turned to look out the window as always as she listened to the music blaring from the radio.

Soon enough they made it to a park, a empty park making Kobi raise her eyebrow. "Just come on." was all Kade said as he had gotten out the car. He went around and opened Kobi's door for her helping her out before gripping her hand in his.

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