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"So Kobi." Zack said mysteriously as she snuck up on Kobi as she walked down the sidewalk alone.

"What?" She asked full of attitude. At this moment she was tired, hungry, and just wanted to see her man. She hadn't seen him in a whole month because he had shit he needed to be taken care of. Their conversations were short, only thing they sent each other was goodmorning and goodnight and randomly check in on each other throughout the day.

"Woah, im sorry ma." Zack said putting his hands up in surrender due to her attitude that she boldly broadcast. Kobi chose to ignore him as she kept walking with him right on her tail. "So you fuck with Kade?" Zack asked wanting a straight up answer.

"Why you care?" She asked as she continued to walk as she sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Does it even matter?" She asked before he could answer the first question.

"It dont so no need to lie."

"Don't worry bout what i got going on, you don't know me and i don't know you. Let's keep it that way." Kobi said giving him a sarcastic smile before putting an airpod in ear and continued to walk. She played So far Gone by Brent Faiyaz. She was so tired of people popping up and questioning her. She missed when her life was laid back. No questions, no people trying to interfere with her relationship, no pettiness. She liked being lowkey and it was starting to bother her because for some reason she felt like too many knew about her and Kade and that's when all the questions come and the opps and everything else.

But that was just her in her head, because the only people that knew were Kash, Quincy, Neveah, and she was sure Tione probably knew if Kash said something to him about it. Meanwhile Kade was basically m.i.a and that irritated her even more.

She just let the music talk to her soul to relax her mind. As she started to think about Kade.

"So what you some kind of Mafia man or something?" Kobi asked as she chuckled nervously as she sat in the front seat of Kade's car. Nervous, was what she was, everytime she encountered him he created butterflies. He was older than her and she wasn't use to a man like him. Plus he was the finest man she'd ever laid her eyes on and she was sitting in his front seat which was just unbelievable.

"Nah, why?" Kade asked looking over at Kobi who quickly broke eye contact with him. He didn't really know Kobi too well to let her know what he did for a living. She was cool, pretty, laid back, and kept him company but he didn't know if he could trust her.

"I mean i seen you go in the same store my best friend go in and you stay in there forever so i just put two and two together."

"Who is your bestfriend?"

"Jarvis." Kobi admitted. "Plus i grew up around here Kade. Everybody knows you. Well i knew the name but now i know the face too." She shrugged.

Kade just hummed as he nodded his head and rolled a blunt as they sat in the car at a park at 1 o'clock ina' morning.

"What you wanna' be when you grow up?" Kade asked ignoring her statement as she he glanced over at her before looking back down at his blunt.

"A child psychologist." She admitted as she looked down at her phone at the time.

"Type shit." Kade said. "Why?"

"Because most people problems start from their childhood trauma. So as we grow older, our inner child never healed. Now we're grown with all these people problems that started back from years ago." Kobi shrugged.

"And what about you?" Kade asked.

"What about me?"

"Is your inner child healed?"

"Are you with the mafia?" She asked tilting her head to the side.

"Touché." He said as he chuckled before lighting his blunt. "You fine as fuck you know that?"

"Thank you." Kobi said lowly as she cheesed looking out the window as those same butterflies erupted.

"What i told you bout that?" Kade asked smirking at her. "I like seeing you smile. Let me see that shit."

Kobi couldn't help but to look at him as she smiled but trying to tame it. "You tell all your girls that or just me?" She shot making him suck his teeth and shake his head.

"Ian gone hold you, ion even got time to be fucking with no girls." Kade shrugged as he took a pull from his blunt. "I like how you just openly suggested that you was my girl though."

"You know what i meant, shutup." Kobi said waving him off. "So what about Sayi, she be all up on you like she yo' girl? You might be older than me but i know how to leave a man right where i found em at."

"I found you." He corrected smartly causing her to roll her eyes. "But nah, ion fuck with her like that. Just business." Was all he said with a shrug.

"Wanna hit?" He asked.

"Never smoked before." She admitted.

"Hmm, put it to your lips inhale slowly then exhale."'He instructed as he handed her the blunt. She took it and did what he said and instantly started coughing.

"That shit burns." She said through coughs before handing him his blunt back.

"Damn, did you go slow like i told you to?"

"Yes."  She said still coughing.

"And you bad for business too, don't go around smoking everybody blunt." He added.

"Im not even doing that again at all." She said shaking her head grabbing her water bottle taking a sip from it. "It's getting late, i think i should head home." Kobi said lowly although she really didn't want to go home. The man infront of her intrigued her, she liked be around him which was a feeling she wasn't used to.

"Fasho." was all Kade said and Kobi turned toward the window and let out a sigh at the fact he didn't try to persuade her to not go home. "You wanna eat before i drop you off, or you got food at the crib?" He asked as he was taking pulls from his blunt.

"We could eat." She said letting it roll off of her tongue. Anything to stay with him just a little longer.


"Ya mans was just out last night with the guys and they had some hoes with em." Zack said as he took one of her airpods out and she instantly scrunched her face up.

"The fuck." She mumbled before snatching it back from him. "Thats his business not mines." Kobi said rolling her eyes. "Look whoever you are, can you leave me alone and you definitely could stop following me or stalking me. Whatever you wanna' call it." She said looking him up and down one more time before starting to walk again.

She was only feeding into his hame without her even knowing. Zack loved a challenge and he felt like Kobi was challenging him. But how far would he be willing to take it should've been Kobi's concern.

"Say bruh, she said she don't wanna' talk you." Pooda called out before Zack could say anything. He was watching the two and sticked around to see what was to happen next. Pooda's mama always told him about being nosey but he couldn't help it. He got it from her.

"Fuck on li bruh." Zack said

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