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"Wassup babymama." Jarvis said to Kobi as he threw his arm around her shoulder.

"Stop calling me that." She frowned.

"Where you was this weekend? Cause ain't no way your cousin got you ghosting me."

"And she does, just like when im with you i give you my full attention." Kobi shrugged nonchalantly.

"Chick youn be paying me no mind." Jarvis said waving her off.

"You're beyond dramatic, let's go find you a girlfriend or something." Kobi said making him smirk looking off to the side making her stop walking.

"You talk to somebody?" She asked looking at him hard, just to see if he lie.

"why you worried about me? Lets talk about your lonely ass." He said making her roll her eyes.

"Definitely not lonely." was all she said before walking away but Jarvis didn't miss a beat.

"Hoes huh? You my jr for real." Jarvis smiled.

"Please, i definitely was born first."

"Shit, what the roster looking like?" He asked nosily.

"Don't worry bout me." She smirked as they walked right into Angel and Raya.

"Hey yall." Angel spoke first.

"Wassup." Kobi said waving at Raya.

"Waddup, where yall fine ass friend at?" Jarvis asked referring to Kash.

"Kash, is my cousin and she's graduated already." Angel said and Jarvis frowned.

"She finer than a motherfucka." Jarvis said smiling.

"Dream on champ." Raya said patting his shoulder.

"I'm going to class, i'll see yall later." Kobi said as she walked off. She felt weird, she wasn't sure how she felt about Angel and her friends just yet. She wasn't big on females; the attitude, the drama, the instigating, the mood swings. She dealt with enough of that on her own but to be around lots of females with different hormones scared her.

Plus all she knew was Jarvis, that's what she was comfortable with. She didn't like to get uncomfortable.

"She okay?" Angel asked Jarvis and he nodded his head.

"Yeah, she good. Why?"

"She just seems stand offish, i don't know she wanted to make sure she was okay."

"Nah that's just Kobi, that's how she is." Jarvis shrugged before walking away meeting up with his homeboys.

Kobi walked into her english lit class actually excited about it. English was her favorite subject out of them all, she knew it was because she loved to write and she liked to talk about things on a deeper level.

"Kobi, my favorite student." Mr. Perry greeted causing Kobi to crack her first smile of the day.

"Hey, Mr. P. Don't let your other students hear you say that?" Kobi said as she made her way to her seat which was the first desk furthest to the window. She hated the back of the class, she never could focus when she was back there. It was so many distractions.

Soon the bell rang and the class filled with the loud rowdy kids. Kobi never understand how kids could be so loud at 7 o'clock in the morning. It aggravated her soul.

"Okay i have this quote that states "The only thing I know is that i know nothing"." Mr. Perry said aloud causing the class to simmer down.

"That's the dumbest shit i ever heard." A boy outburst causing some to laugh.

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