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     Kash sat next to Kobi as they were at Jarvis's basketball game. Kash had nothing better to do and getting to know Kobi more she learned that she was actually a cool girl outside of her quiet era.

"Thats crazy." Kobi mumbled as the ref called a foul on Jarvis.

"What just happened?" Kash asked confused.

"They said Jarvis fouled number 13." Kobi explained and Kash nodded her as she put more skittles in her mouth.

"Kash." Kobi called out making Kash look at her indicating for her to keep talking.

"How'd you meet Tione? I would've never thought." Kobi confessed. She honestly wanted to know the answer to that from the day she seen them together and it explained why Tione was looking over at them that day in the park when she first met Kash.

"Through my brother actually." Kash confessed causing Kobi to nod.

"Was he at the restaurant with us?"

"No, he died." Kash admitted carelessly with a shrug.

"Sorry." Kobi mumbled not knowing what else to say.

"So how long?" Kash asked Kobi causing her to raise her eyebrow.

"How long what?" Kobi asking giving Kash her full attention.

"How long-"

"Heyy yall, i didn't know yall were here." Angel said coming up to the two with Raya hot on her tails.

"Hey." Kobi spoke back taking her attention off of Kash.

"Wassup." Kash said shaking her skittles.

"What you doing here Kash?" Raya asked as she took a seat next to Kash. 

"The game." Kash said pointing to the basketball court.

"Yeah, i know but i thought you didn't like coming to this kiddie stuff."

"I only said that about football, yall know i don't like football plus Jarvis wanted me to come for some reason." Kash shrugged causing Kobi to chuckle.

"You know he want you." Angel said sucking her teeth.

"Jarvis is a little kid." Kash shrugged. Sure Jarvis was a little cutie but he wasn't touching Tione on nothing.

"Jarvis is 19." Kobi corrected. Unlike her Jarvis actually got held back twice.

"Hmm, still." Kash shrugged.

Kobi had tuned the girls out and just focused on the basketball game. Angel talked alot, and she was going to keep talking as long as someone listened to her so before she even started talking Kobi tubed them out as a whole.

Kobi didn't know what it was about Kash, but she just vibed with her. Kash was chill and laid back and minded her business. Kobi like that.

Or maybe Kobi just liked older people, first Kade now Kash even Jarvis. All of them were 19 and older Kobi couldn't catch a vibe with no one under 21. Maybe she was the stuck up kid that thought she was too good. But if she didn't catch the vibe then she wasn't going to try to ride the wave out. Kobi was sweet nonetheless to whoever, but friend wise she was always careful.

"Kobi-Jae." She heard causing her to sigh deeply in annoyance.

"This prick." Raya mumbled as she frowned at Silas.

"Damn, Kobi got friends?" Silas joked watching as the three girls around Kobi frowned at him. "Tell yo' guards to stand down."

"What do you want Silas?" Kobi asked tilting her head to the side. "Your in the way."

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