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Kobi woke up to loud music being played downstairs and she sucked her teeth and rolled over feeling to see if Kade left her in the bed alone and indeed he did. Sighing she had got up from the bed in nothing but a t-shirt and drawls. She left from his room to head to the living room to find him.

"Kade." She said but she knew he couldn't hear her over the loud music. "Kade." She repeated again as she got downstairs and to her surprise Kade was just coming into the front door with a waffle house in his hands making her raise an eyebrow.

"Bout time my nigga." Quincy said coming around the corner looking at Kade before trying to see what Kade was looking at which was Kobi.

"Look this way nigga." Kade said before Quincy could even fully turn around to look at Kobi.

"Why the hell?"

Kobi had immediately ran back up the stairs thankful that Quincy didn't see her in her drawls. But why would Kade leave them both in the house without her knowledge.

"Jae." Kade said as he walked into the room with the waffle house after a few moments.

"Why you didn't tell me somebody was going to be here?" Kobi asked frowning her face.

"I didn't know he was coming way over here. When i got up to go get you some breakfast that nigga was at my door and i told him to stay in the livingroom." Kade said putting the food on the dresser. "I texted your phone too, so fix your face."

Kobi then picked her phone seeing the message from Kade. Goodmorning baby, i went to go get your favorite. That nigga Quincy downstairs so put some clothes on.

"My bad." She said as she walked to him with her arms out wanting a hug.

"It's alright." He said as his hands went down to her ass cupping it being sure to touch her vagina.

"No sir, you got company." She said pushing him back with a small smile.

"Don't be holding out on me mama, you know ion like that." He said grabbed her hand.

"You the one with company Kade, not me." She said as she kissed his lips before letting his hand go.

"That nigga can wait." Kade said grabbing her shirt lifting it up before taking it off her exposing her perky titties as she stood there in just drawls. "You so pretty baby." He said as his hands made its way to her waist as he led her to the bed before laying her down almost immediately attaching his mouth to her right boob. Making her bite down on her lip at the immediate pleasure.

Her hands found its way to the side of his face as she cupped it before looking at him as he sucked her titties. As he went to the left titty his hand made its way to her clit as began massaging it as he drew circles around her nipple with his tongue.

"You already wet for me." He said as he looked up at her with a devious smile before going further down attaching his mouth to her vagina making her back arch as her hand pushed his down.

"mmm." She hummed as she started to grind on his tongue. "Bae please put it in." She begged as he gave her his sinister smile. Standing up he took his dick out before placing it at her entrance. Putting his fingers to her mouth she instantly took them in her mouth as he pushed his dick inside of her instantly groaning.

"oouu fuck bae." He said as they looked into each other's eyes. Kobi was his slut and he loved it. Taking his fingers outta her mouth she instantly smiled at him as she bit down on her bottom lip.

"You so fucking pretty mama." He said as he stroked in and out of her making her claw at his back.

"Fuck." She moaned as several moans came after that. Luckily Quincy still had the music playing loud.

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