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   It was the day of Kennedi's graduation and Kobi dreaded it. It was official Kade was back, and everybody was talking about it. So she knew he wasn't in hiding and that he would be there as well.

It had been 2 days since he'd made his return and 2 days since Kobi talked to Tasim...

He text and called but she was too far embarrassed to even respond. She knew ghosting him was childish but she just didn't want to have to explain what happened the other day, she didn't know how to nor did she want to.

Kobi had on one of the shirts Kennedi had got made for everyone attending her graduation. It was a full bleed sublimation shirt with pictures of her on it. Kobi knew to throw on some shorts due to the burning hot louisiana heat. She applied black lip liner to her lips before going through with her lipgloss. She wore her natural hair out into a top knot bun with a few curly pieces hanging in the back.

She threw on her white and yellow dunks to go with the shirt before she made her way out of the house and to the graduation.

Upon her arrival she saw all of Kade's family there and some of Kennedi's friends including Sayi which was her friend's sister. Kobi and Sayi actually fought again once more due to Sayi trying to fight Kobi when she was drunk. Kobi just simply rolled her eyes and and proceeded to look around hoping Kash had came because Tione sister was graduating as well.

"She's gonna live a long time." Kobi said outloud just as she answered the phone the Kash.


"Where are you?" Kash asked.

"By Kennedi's people we all got these yellowish shirts on with her picture on it." Kobi tried to describe.

"Oh girl im looking right at you." Kash said before hanging up and making her way to Kobi and the two engaged in a hug.

"Hey, you look so pretty." Kobi complimented.

"You too bookie." Kash said as she gave her a smile. "So how you feeling?" Kash asked. "About-"

"I feel the same way i felt before i knew he was back." Kobi shrugged with a smile immediately dismissing the topic and Kash simply nodded her head understandingly instantly dropping it.

"cmon, lets hurry and go inside." Kobi said as she instantly started walking not knowing if Kash was following behind her or not.

Once inside Kobi sat in the section Kennedi mentioned to her and instantly took a seat. Kash joined her with Tione by her side. She sighed heavily as she heard the voice of Kade speaking to Tione and Kash.

"Waddup Jae." He spoke lowly before sitting besides Tione as Quincy also joined them along with everyone else. But Kobi refused to speak back, she didn't even look into his direction. She just kept her eyes forward as she awaited the graduates.

"You good?" Kash asked lowly.

"Mhm." Kobi hummed lowly as she took her phone out to see if she had any messages from Tasim. But she didn't.

Kade couldn't help but to glance at Kobi ever so often. He hadn't seen her in a minute and she was thicker since the last time he seen her and she was glowing. He sighed irritatingly as he took his eyes off of her. Ever since he found out about the baby, he wanted to know everything. He felt like shit, he couldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, he just stayed up all night beating himself up about it.

"Yo, you good?" Quincy asked Kade. He looked zoned out and it really wasn't the time for him to be. Especially since he came home so soon, when he was instructed that it wasn't time yet. He wore all black and made sure his hoodie was over the hat he had sported on his head to try and stop people from recognizing him as easy. The hood talked and everybody knew Kade was back but nobody ever really seen him. So the rumors were never confirmed. It was all just he say, she say.

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