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"Well, i don't see myself having kids again." Kobi shrugged as she talked to her therapist. "The thought of my body giving up on my child is something i can't bare to go through a second time."

"God works in mysterious ways Kobi." Her therapist told her and she sighed.

"Yeah, i know. But enough about that."

"Topic still sensitive for you?"

"Honestly yeah, i don't think i grieved properly." Kobi shrugged. "My heart was filled with hate, yeah i was sad and cried but most of my heart was really filled with anger towards her father." Kobi shrugged.

"Understandable, Kobi maybe you need closure hun."

"I feel like closure's a myth. People use it as an excuse, im not with that." Kobi confessed.

"Don't knock it to you try it hunni."

"I don't know."

"Today, today is your day to get closure." Her therapist announced.

"So hows your life what you ate today?" Kobi asked ignoring her.

"Gir- Kobi Jae i am serious." Her therapist said and Kobi sighed and fell back into her chair.


"So where are you now?" Kash asked through the phone. Practically forced to have a sit down with Kade from what her therapist pressured her into. Kobi decided to contact him through Kash so he wouldn't have her number.

"Pulling into Longhorn steakhouse." She said dryly, Kash insisted they met up in a public place to avoid any chaos or anything that didn't need to happen happen.

"Okay, he says he's already inside." Kash announced as she read the text message from Kade.

"Surprised he didn't ghost me." She replied back smartly.

"Girl." Kash mumbled shaking her head as she tried to make her omelet. "Okay, bye text me if you need me." and with that she hung up so she could finish watching her tiktok on how to make the perfect omelet.

"Ughh." Kobi groaned before getting outta the car and entering Longhorn. She looked around until she found some eyes that were already staring at her. "Well damn, can i get my face back." she mumbled as she made her way over to the table Kade occupied.

Taking a seat she sat quietly as she looked directly at him, trying to find the person she thought could do her no wrong. His eyes stayed planted on hers as he craved to be in her presence.

"You look pretty." He said after he cleared his throat. Kobi just gave a simple head nod at his compliment. "You wanted to talk?" He asked.

"umm." She said clearing her throat. "Im here for closure, if that's even a real thing i guess." Kobi shrugged carelessly. "I was talking to someone today about her and she insisted i talk to you to get over it." Kobi informed him and his eyes instantly softened immediately knowing who she was referring to.

"So um, a little while after you left i started going out. drinking alot, and you know just partying." She stated lowly. "Then i found out i was pregnant. I instantly stopped drinking although i didn't know if i was going to keep the baby, because i was still in school and the father was no where to be found." She said looking away from him as she adjusted herself in her seat as he watched and listened to her attentively.

"I didn't have no one to talk to it about but Kash and i didn't wanna seem like a bother to her so i just prayed about it because i was so lost and alone." She confessed as she started to get emotional. "Then eventually i started taking my vitamins, keeping up with my pregnancy and everything was going good up until the baby didn't have a heartbeat anymore and i still had to try and push her out." Kobi admitted lowly as she looked everywhere but at him who was still watching her.

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