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Kobi was sitting down in the restaurant as she took a sip of her water. She had noticed someone coming her way and her eyes immediately met with Tasim's. He looked good but his insecurities put him at a 6.

He took a seat down infront of her and just looked studied her before speaking. Her cheeks looked fuller and she looked like she had a glow to her. "You look good." He complimented.

"Thank you." She smiled small. "How are you?" She asked.

"Im good, i went by your house to try to apologize but you weren't there you good?" He asked.

"Im not staying there, haven't been there since it gotten broken into."

"Ever found out who did it?" Tasim asked.

"No, but they're assuming it was two different people."

"Who is they-"

"Kade." She spoke honestly. "He's been looking for one of them, but i don't know about the 2nd."

"So wassup with yall?"

"Nothing is up, we barely speak. But before we continue with this lunch i am staying with him for the moment until i can get me a place. Kash basically said i had to go so thats where im at right now." She said truthfully. "Im not obligated to tell you what im telling you nor am i to share my location with you because i am not. But i am telling you because i have no reason to lie to you. It's better to trust someone truthful than a liar." Kobi shrugged.

"Right." Tasim agreed.

"Which is why im still confused on the insecure part, i purposely told you who he was instead of lying and letting him try to play in your face but you took to the extreme. I asked was it going to be a problem and you said no."

"Because it wasn't ... until i sat back and put two and two together. Since i've met you, you been good never seen you sweat, cry, breakdown nunna that. But all of a sudden he's back and his name up and around town and suddenly its like a whole vulnerable side of you came out. Hence when i found you in your car Kobi." He expressed. "And that day Jarvis called he specifically said its always a nigga. When he thought i was the nigga who had you in your feelings but it was Kade the whole time."

Kobi listened intently as he spoke and watched his facial expression as he continued.

"Then in the barber shop all i hear about Kade and to think that you had relations with that nigga, yeah it was eating me up. Because we were doing so good Kobi."

"We were ... the only time we talked was the night you found me in the car thats when he decided to show his face for the first time in years. But i was already emotional before then, but that's a story for another day. and when you saw us at the restaurant. I was only getting closure because of the way we left off."

"Who left who?" Tasim asked and Kobi sighed as she sat back in her chair.

"He upped and disappeared one day." Kobi shrugged. "Without a word."

"So technically nobody broke up with the other ..."

"Guess not, but we definitely ended way back when he left." Kobi shrugged.

"Kobi who you tryna convince me or you?" Tasim asked and Kobi frowned deeply. "No disrespect or nun but if you ended a long time ago your reaction to when he came back wouldn't have been as drastic as it was." Tasim explained. "You were what? 19 when yall were together which is understandable but to get over somebody when yall left off still with love is not something that ended a long time ago."

"It couldn't have ended because the other person left ... that's like a widow someone was married and her husband up and died they didn't divorce they just discontinued. And in some movie life if he was to be alive again they would continue. But Kobi Kade didn't die." Tasim tried to explain best as possible.

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