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    "Kobi ! Kobi ! Kobi !" Kobi groaned at the sound of her name as she continued to walk through the school hallways ready to meet Kade in the school's parking lot.

"Yo, what the hell?" Jarvis asked seeing Angel practically chasing behind a speed walking Kobi. "Hell going on man?" He asked.

"This dumb bitch keep following me bro." Kobi said as calmly as she could as she started to ball up her fist.

"The fuck happened, what you did to my bestfriend?" Jarvis frowned at Angel. Jarvis knew Kobi better than anyone, she didn't just disrespect somebody cause she felt like it. She only disrespected somebody when she felt disrespected or lost respect for a person. Other than that Kobi was gentle.

"I didn't do anything, stupid." Angel snapped at Jarvis.

"Call him stupid again." Kobi snapped taking a step closer to Angel. She had tried ignoring the girl as best as she could the girl just wouldn't back off.

"You need to calm the fuck down for real." Angel said frowning at Kobi causing Kobi to scoff.

Just as Kobi was about to speak she got a text from Kade letting her know he couldn't make it to pick her up only irritating her even more.

"Jarvis, walk me home." Kobi said not caring that he had another class she felt like she was about to explode.

"Cmon, i was skipping anyway." He shrugged as he threw his arm around her shoulder and they began to walk put of the school.

"So wassup with that?" Jarvis asked Kobi.

"Jarvis, that girl brung me and Kash to a crack house basically and they was trying to take our shit." Kobi explained. "Even took my phone! I called you when i made it home but you didn't answer."

"Shit it was game night my ass was slumped. Since when you started hanging around Kash?" Jarvis asked.

"A couple weeks ago, but bruh i was so pissed off. Jarvis i could've rung that girl neck."

"Oh lord here you go Muhammad Ali." Jarvis sighed shaking his head causing Kobi to laugh.

"For real bruh, some nigga names Kobe. Like girl you said a party not a crack party." Kobi said rolling her eyes.

"Kobe?" Jarvis asked as he stopped walking. "That man sell for that nigga Kade, me and him use to have the same corners. I'll beat the fuck out that boy." Jarvis frowned.

"But im Muhammad Ali." Kobi mumbled.

"But for real though then he way older like what the fuck, i'll shoot that nigga in his foot, hell wrong with him." Jarvis went on.

"Okay calm down." Kobi said shaking her head.

"Yo' J!" One of Jarvis's homeboys said once he reached Jarvis and Kobi. "Waddup Ko."

"Hey." She waved.

"Bro you know that nigga Be dead." Jarvis's homeboy revealed causing Jarvis's eyes to go big.

"We was just talking bout that nigga." Jarvis said hitting Kobi's shoulder making her frown.

"Who the hell is Be?" Kobi asked. "Oh kobe." She figured with a shrug.

"Well look like a nigga gottem before i did." Jarvis frowned slightly.

"Damn dick, what you wanted his fa?"

"He was fucking with Ko bruh." Jarvis said as they reached the store Kobi wasn't supposed to go in no more. "Aye how did you get outta that situation?" Jarvis asked Kobi.

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