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     "Hey, pretty little baby." Kobi smiled at the little girl that stood in front of her. She was chocolate with thick curly hair and dimples so deep the whole world could see.

"Alayna Grace Smith !" Kobi heard somebody yell and she looked up guessing it was the little girl's mother.
"I am so sorry about that."

"No she's fine, she's such a little cutie." Kobi coo'd. It was crazy because Kobi didn't even like kids. She was glad her parents decided not to have another one.

"Bad as hell too." Neveah said looking down at her daughter.

"Yeah, i bet." Kobi smiled shaking her head.

"Naveah." Neveah introduced as she stuck out her hand. The girl in front of her looked familiar but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.


"Laylay!" Kobi heard a familiar voice causing her to raise her eyebrow before looking back and there stood Kade and Quincy.

"What the hell." Kobi mumbled to herself. She started to think Kade tracked her down since they had gotten into a petty little argument and she chose not to text him back.

Up until she seen Naveah walk up to Kade smiling at him before giving him a nice warming hug causing her to raise her eyebrow.

"Quincy." Naveah sighed and Quincy sucked his teeth staring her down.


Kobi just took it as her que to start walking off, she felt weird just standing there when whatever was going on had nothing to do with her.

"The fuck Kobi doing over here?" Quincy asked looking at Kade who was already watching Kobi walk off silently.

"Yall know her? She looks so familiar." Naveah said as she watched Kade eye the girl.

"Kobi." Quincy yelled and she rolled her eyes ignoring him as she continued to walk off.

Who knew what coming to the park wanting to be alone would be the worst idea ever.

Kade chuckled in amusement as Kobi obviously ignored Quincy. Kade just shook his head as he walked off behind her leaving Quincy and his babymama alone. He prayed they behaved themselves.

"Jae." He called out once he get close to her.

"Long leg bastard." She mumbled to herself before turning around. "What?"

"Stop acting like that bruh, and why you out here by yourself?"

"Clearly i wanted to be alone." She replied back smartly. As she stale faced him. He clicked his teeth before chuckling and grabbing her by her arm.

"Stop fucking playing with me Kobi." He spat at out and she could tell she was really starting to push his buttons.

"Don't grab me like that." She frowned as she looked down at the ground while his eyes poured into her soul.

"Get right Jae." He warned and she rolled her eyes still looking at the ground. "Now cmon because you not finna' be walking around this bitch by yourself."

She sighed heavily before yanking her arm away from him and beginning to walk right back to the bench that she was sitting at the begin with as she took out her phone and began to scroll on tiktok. Kade just shook his head as he put his attention back on Naveah and Quincy.

"So what the hell yall niggas, finna do?" Kade asked them.

"Laylay wants to go eat." Naveah said looking down at her daughter.

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