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   "You're gonna have to talk to him Kobi." Kash said as she sat at the end of the bed. Kobi just stayed silent as she continued to lay there with her eyes closed. Kade sat in the living room ready to discuss things with Kobi because whether she liked it or not, she was a target by the unknown.

"I just need some time okay?"

"Time that you don't have? Lord forbid but you could be dead by tomorrow Kobi." Kash frowned. "Lord knows i can't help you. He's probably the only one that can."

"The infamous Kade, the one who comes in makes a mess, and saves the girl." Kobi chuckled bitterly. "Let's not forget im in this mess because of him... he was gone and life was perfectly fine. He came back and now all of a sudden all hell breaks lose... he's done enough damage to me as is. Was that not enough?" Kobi laughed as she rolled over to look at Kash who looked at her in straight pity. "I hate him."

"Just because you hate me doesn't mean im gonna' sit back and watch some niggas take you from me." Kade said entering the room making Kobi turn back over. He had heard everything she had said but he didn't let it bother him. She was hurt and had every right to be.

"Kobi it's been 3 days, and i don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't think its safe for you to be here. If somebody was to come in here for you right now we'll be defenseless. I can't save you Kobi and you won't be able to save me either." Kash spoke. She honestly wanted Kobi to stay with her but Tione was against it. He felt like Kobi was putting Kash in danger and he wasn't necessarily wrong.

"So what you called him to come and get me?" Kobi asked squinting her eyes. "You could have just called Jarvis."

"Jarvis can't help you either Jae, so get the fuck up and lets go." Kade frowned. Ge understood her frustration but he had no patience for it especially at a time like this.

"Tread lightly." Kobi mumbled. "Ill get my stuff and go on behalf of your safety, but im getting me a hotel."

"Kobi you shouldn't really be spending money right now. You just got robbed."

"Well ya' called the fella over here right? You called him to help right or wrong? So make yourself useful and get me a hotel simple."

"Ill be in the car." Kade said walking out. She was beginning to get under his skin. The way she talked, the way she looked at him, everything about her whole aura screamed exactly what she's been saying. She hates him. He wanted nothing more than to just fuck the attitude right outta' her like he always did, but he couldn't.

He was sure to grab her bags on the way out placing them in his car as he sat and waited for her. It was no use to bring her car, no telling what they had done to the car. Nobody knew were he stayed since he'd been back and he'd like to keep it that way.

Approximately 10 minutes later Kobi finally came out and went straight for the backseat. He wasn't surprised though. She took in the black leather seats and the warm air thankful since it was cold outside.

Kade looked at her through his rearview mirror before he finally backed out of the driveway. She was ready to get out, the car smelled just like him and she hated it.

"What hotel am i going to?" She asked and he simply ignored her and turned up the music. "Asshole."

45 minutes later Kobi grew irritated she figured he wasn't taking her to a hotel. He had passed up too many. He was surprised she hadn't fallen asleep but he definitely didn't miss the irritation that was written all over her face.

Kobi watched as they pulled up into a gated house. She watched as Kade carefully put in and code and the gate immediately began to open. She observed the premises and Kade had 1 guard standing by the gate, 1 by the front door and another just a few feet away.

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