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    Kobi and Kash were both outside watching the men play basketball as they sat in silence. This was their first time hanging since they went bowling two days ago.

"So.." Kash said breaking the silence making Kobi look over at her. "Kade huh?"

"What about him?" Kobi said rolling her eyes at the mention of his name.

"Cmon Kobi, first the way he was sweating ole boy at the restaurant, then his sister running up to you all excited and mentioned him having a girlfriend, and you getting quiet after Sydney mentioned Sayi." Kash said stating the obvious. "I mean its kind of hard to not put two and two together."

Kobi just shrugged her shoulders, not wanting to talk about it. "Well you put it together, nothing else to be said."

"As long as you know what your doing Kobi." Kash said in all seriousness.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" Kobi asked raising her eyebrow.

"It means exactly what i said, you're 19. Kade's 22 he is a grown ass man. As long as you're not being taken advantage of, being manipulated, or groomed im perfectly fine but if you are i am going to say something i don't give a fuck who Kade is." Kash spoke truthfully. She didn't know the dynamic of the couple's relationship all of this was news to her. Plus from what Sydney was saying last night she just didn't want Kobi to get fucked over.

Kobi gained Kash's respect by all means, Kash felt a sense to look out for Kobi and she was definitely going to. The girl was sweet, she minded her business, and she stayed out the way. No need for a girl like that to get hurt.

"Groomed is crazy. He did not groom me and i will never let a man take advantage of me or manipulate me i was Kobi before i met Kade and im going to be Kobi after. Trust, i know when to leave a man alone for my own good no matter how bad hurts." Kobi shrugged. She liked the Kash was looking out for her but Kobi had been dealing with Kade for a year now but Kash didn't know that, so she just let her say what she felt needed to be said letting her think the relationship was all new to Kobi.

"Like i said, as long as you know what your doing." Kash repeated and Kobi only nodded her head as she turned her head back around and put her attention back on the game.

"So what you know about Sayi?" Kash asked even though she knew she was overstepping boundaries. Kobi only glared at her making her put her hands up in surrender with innocent smile. "Just looking out."

"Speaking of the goddam devil." Kash mumbled as she watched Sayi walk carlessly across the court as they called a timeout.

Sayi looked through the bleachers seeing Kobi sitting there looking down into her phone she immediately made her way towards her. "Hey Kobi." She spoke with a warm smile.

"Wassup." Kobi said briefly looking up and rolling her eyes as she looked down into her phone.

Say was in fact Kade's escort, she had the face, the body, the brains, and all the street knowledge to seal a deal. She was hired by Spade way before Kobi even came into the picture. So she knew all bout Sayi going to all the business meetings and etc. But she didn't know she was going out of town with them every single time. Anybody with eyes could see that Sayi was a very beautiful girl and Kobi always felt like she had a thing for Kade. Didn't made if she was getting paid to play the part but she always played the part a little too well.

From leaving lingering kisses on his cheek, to caressing his arm, or just randomly grabbing his hand. He hated and so did Kobi. But Sayi loved every part of it. She was getting paid to do it so why not have fun with it. Of course Sayi knew about Kobi and Kade's relationship as well. Well to an extent. She didn't know they were together together, but she knew Kobi to a liking into him and sometimes she felt like Kade liked her back. She only knew this because when Kobi first came into the picture a year ago. She had went through Kade's phone when he wasnt around and read their messages.

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