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Kobi woke up and yawned as she touched her head that was banging through the roof. Her vision was blurry, and she felt around the bed trying to feel her phone.

"Come on Ko, thats my titty." Kash said laughing puahing her arm away making Kobi sit up.

"My bad." She sighed. "My head hurts."

"Here." Kash said holding out a asprin and Kobi reached for it before putting it in here mouth. "Damn no water."

"Ima' gremlin." Kobi mumbled as she swallowed the pill. "Where are we?"

"Kade's house, they had an after party here but you were already gone so when we got here Jarvis took you to a guest room and you were out like a light."

"Everybody stayed here?"

"No. Just me, you, Tione, and Quincy. Them niggas ended up getting drunk too. Jarvis left to get some pussy. and yeah that was about it."

"What about Sayi?"

"He didn't let her come here, she don't even know where he live at. You was on her ass real bad last night." Kash laughed shaking her head.

"Did we fight?"

"Nah, you was too drunk. Atleast you not a sloppy drunk. You just aggressive as fuck."

"You slept in here with me?"

"Yes girl, i was your li cuddle buddy. Aggravating ass wouldn't move."

"Lol bitch get the fuck." Kobi said laughing. "Why i didn't sleep with my man?"

"Too many people plus you wasn't fucking with him. You was mean as fuck. All it took was for you to say the wrong thing one time and he let you be and yall aint cross paths for the rest of the night." Kash shrugged.

"What i said?"

"I forgot you was talking fast as fuck, but he told you something and you was like why this nigga talking to me then you started talking fast as fuck." Kash admitted.

"Oh nooooo." Kobi whined as she put her head into the pillow. "Let me go." She said as she sat up.

"Go head, Ms. Creeper." Kash joked and Kobi flipped her off before and that's exactly what Kobi did. Creeped right into Kade's room where he was sitting at the end of his bed looking at the tv as he cleaned his shoes.

She walked right pass him and into his bathroom where she began to take care of her hygiene. Including a shower. After taking care of everything she had entered the room but Kade was now sitting up at the headboard eyes strictly on the tv.

She leaned against the door frame as she just stared at him. He felt her staring and it only made him clench his jaw. She slowly walked over to him stopping at the side of the bed he was on.

"Hug?" She asked holding her arms out.

Only to be ignored.


"The fuck you want Jae?" He asked still watching the tv.

"For you to look at me." She said lowly and he sighed before looking over at her. "Im sorry." She said causing him to suck his teeth.

"Fuck outta' here with that shit." He said waving her off.

"Im trying."

"Trying?" He asked with a small chuckle. "Trying, my nigga you ignored me for 2 days when i was trying to see you. Being stand offish over some shit you could've asked me about. But you didn't because you knew damn well i wasn't fucking that girl. But you were still gonna' try and build a case onna' nigga."

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