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    "This motherfucker always a step ahead." Kade sighed as he sat in his office. Unlock others Kade had a office inside his room rather than somewhere down the hall. His office held cameras all over the house and every digital thing he needed. He peeked his head over his computer to see Kobi laid peacefully on his bed fast asleep. He made a mental note to check Sayi as well for always running her mouth when it was nothing to be ran.

Kade's ringing phone caught his attention instantly answering once he seen it was Spade. "Yo."

"Wassup, i just got your text?"

"Man, i got some shit sent to me. Pictures and shit but i can't trace who sent them." Kade informed his dad as he kept his eyes on the screen. Glued to the pictures of him and Kobi and waffle house. A few with Quincy and Naveah in it.

"Im going to send you someone's number a friend of mine, Jacob. In the morning give him a call and he's going to come check it out. Or save it all to a flash drive and bring him the flash drive. Son it's 3 in the morning get you some rest." Spade sighed.

"Hard to sleep when somebody got me already marked as a dead man walking pop."

"They ain't killed you yet son, it's gotta' be something deeper if all they're taunting you with is pictures. Pictures with no threats or nothing else attached to it. What real damage have they done?"

"They broke into Kobi's house." He admitted. The line went silent making Kade bring his eyes to the phone as he watched the time on the call continued to change.

"Did they damage anything?" Spade sighed.

"No, just left pictures." Leaving the part out where Angel damaged the house looking for money. "Inappropriate pictures at that. How the fuck this nigga know where she live?"

"You sure its a nigga? That sound like some bitch shit." Spade commented.

"Ian beefing with no bitches pop." Kade said shaking his head. "Whoever this is, is the same nigga in kahoots with that nigga that met the reaper a few months ago." He spoke trying not to incriminate himself.

"Come over here when you get up." Spade sighed and with that he hung up and went back off to bed. Kade looked over the pictures yet again and tried to track the ip address yet again. Just like before it was a dead end. Kade looked over at Kobi yet again seeing that she began to stir in her sleep.

After their mini argument Kobi had slept in his bed but didn't go near him. He knew she heard him but couldn't convince herself that she came before Sayi. She felt like if it was a life or death situation Kade would call Sayi first and she couldn't compete with that. Sayi was the "down bitch" that Kobi felt like she would never be.

He knew he fucked up by not telling her about Sayi doing a job for him but he had already told her to chill with that running her mouth stuff. But he see he would have to pay her a visit.

He shut everything down before standing to his feet and making his way to his bed. He shoo'd Kj outta' the room before closing the door. He then adventured to his bed and got comfortable before pulling Kobi into him. She was too sleepy to protest she would think about it in the morning. Kade didn't care though he was use to her attitude she was scared to let her guard down with him and he didn't blame her one bit.

He left her for dead in her words. Why would she let him back as easy? She went through heartache after heartache she had to push a human out of her that didn't even have a life or a breath to give. He knew Kobi was a hardbody on the outside and soft as pudding on the inside. A woman of steel with a teddy bear heart.

Kobi exhaled deeply before she turned over and subconsciously threw her leg and arm over Kade's body. She moved her head a little before all movement stopped Kade looked down and placed a kiss on her temple as he too tried to fall into a peaceful sleep just as she was.

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