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     "Wassgood with you?" Quincy asked dapping off Kade as he just walked into the spot.

"This shit is whats good with me." Kade said dropping the photos in front of Quincy making him frown before looking at em.

Each picture held different people, one with Kennedi and her friends, his parents while they were out for date night and even one with Naveah and her daughter. Quincy looked up at Kade before looking back down at the last photo of Kobi & Jarvis at walmart.

"Bro what the fuck, i thought you off'd this nigga." Quincy frowned as he stood up. "They got pictures of my fucking babymama and my daughter nigga."

"I did off his bitch ass. I told you i felt like he was working with somebody but he wasn't saying shit so he was useless my nigga. You thought i was being paranoid now look where the fuck that got me."

"Of course i said that shit, you was by yourself for a long ass time. People start to hallucinate my nigga. So what we gone do man?"

"My pops nem could take care of they self they been doing shit way longer than me."

"Definitely, my babymama finna' move back in with me fuck allat." Quincy said shaking his head.

"What yo' girl gone say bout allat?"

"Fuck that dumb bitch." Quincy muttered. Kade just shook his head as Quincy blew out some smoke. "What you do bout Kobi though man?"

Kade sighed deeply before he began to go in deep thought about Kobi. He shook his head before looking down at his hands before running them down his face. "Man, ion even know. That's a tough one."

"You met ole boy she be runnin with?"

"I wouldn't say i met him but yeah i know who she converse with. Ian worried bout that nigga though." Kade said waving Quincy off. "She gone be straight though. I got her, aint gone let nun happen to shorty."

"And how you gone do that when she can barely stand to be in the same room as you."

"Worry bout yo' babymama." Kade uttered. "And ima' worry bout mines." He mumbled to himself.

"Aye atleast the woman i love talking to me."

"Barely." Kade shot back. "Worry bout yo' girl nigga."

"Says you bitch, you can't even get a conversation outta yours."

"You flashin, fuck out my face." Kade said as he chuckled bitterly as he began to think of what he was going to do about Kobi. He looked at Quincy for a bit because who else knew about him and Kobi for them to all of a sudden have pictures of kobi.

"You good bro?"

"im straight, finna head out and talk to pops bout some shit." Kade said as he began to make his way out of the building. "Waddup." He spoke to Tione as he ran into him on his way out.

"Waddup bih." Tione spoke back.

    Kobi got into Kash's car and blew out a breath as she rested her head against the window.

"What's wrong with you girl?" Kash asked with a small chuckle.

"School kicking my ass." Kobi stated with a sarcastic smile. "And Tasim been blowing my phone up ever since he found out me and Kade were a thing." She sighed in aggravation.

"This man literally started sharing locations with me just so i could share mines. Don't nobody have my location and i like it that way, so now he thinks im sneaky."

"Not Ta acting like that, i thought he was cool." Kash frowned. "How did that go anyway?" she asked as she started pre-rolling a blunt.

"I talked, he listened. He talked, i listened. Then he left." Kobi shrugged keeping it short. "After he tried to play in Tasim face which is why i really think he acting like that."

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