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    Kobi dragged her feet as she walked as the bell just rung for her dismissal. "Kobi." She heard causing her to roll her eyes.

"What do you want Angel?" She asked clearly irritated.

"Look im sorry." Angel said as she sighed. "I just, i just been going through alot."

"Okay Angel."

"Can you just be human for once Kobi, and just try to listen." Angel sighed.

Females so mellow dramatic. Kobi thought.

"Yes Angel?" Kobi asked as she finally stopped walking.

"Look, i just.... i just need help okay?" Angel said on the verge of tears.

"I know that already."

"But no you don't understand." Angel cried.

Guess she's about to make me understand. Kobi thought as she sighed heavily ready to go home.

"I- i was raped." She admitted barely above a whisper but Kobi still heard her. "My mom's boyfriend, and i just, i just needed to ease the pain. I just wanted to feel good." 

Kobi just looked at her before looking off to the side. "Im sorry to hear that."

"I feel like, im losing my mind. Like im losing everybody." Angel confessed.

"Well, we literally just had met. But you still have Kash." Kobi tried to bargain.

"But i just know she's disappointed in me, i just. Can yall please help me Kobi?" Angel asked and Kobi sighed heavily. Helping a crackhead was a big responsibility and Kobi barely even knew the girl so she was just confused on why the girl asked for her help anyway.

"I'll think about it Angel." Kobi responded just as Raya strolled by.

"Think about what?" Raya asked.

"Enjoy the rest of yall day." Kobi said ignoring Raya before she finally walked off.

As she began to walk she instantly eolled her eyes hard and threw her head back at the next person that approached her. "What is happening in my life?"

"What do you want Serenity?" Kobi asked as she continued to walk.

"Where's J?"

"Not with me." Kobi shrugged. "What do you want?"

"So you talk to Silas?" She asked as if she was embarrassed to asked.

"Why not just go ask Silas?"

"Because he made it clear at the basketball game he wanted you so that would be dumb. But knowing how close we were i know you wouldn't do me like that." Serenity said hopingly.

"hmm." Kobi hummed. Kobi knew she didn't mess with Silas but she was going to let Serenity think whatever it was she wanted to. If she was there when Silas did all that then she definitely saw how Kobi got up and walked out afterwards.

"What does that mean Kobi?"

"I wish all yall leave me alone bruh." Kobi mumbled as she sighed as she kept walking. Saved by the bell Jarvis had just called her phone and she quickly answered not paying Serenity any mind.

"Yo, Ko you fucking with the car meet tonight?" He asked into the phone.

"If you going i'll go."

"Shitchea, we gone be in my cousin Kani shit." Jarvis said as he rolled his blunt.

"The one that be spinning his car?"

"Shitchea, you fucking with that?" Jarvis asked with a smile knowing what her answer was about to be.

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